Get your own “Beach House Feeling” Part 2 {Driftwood Inspiration * Treibholz}


Buongiorno – a happy hello to everyone!

Last time I showed you some of my “Coastal Decoration” Ideas to create a fantastic BeachHouse Feeling at home – and this time we will go on with part 2: Decoration with driftwood! I really like these strange pieces of wood … you will never find two pieces that are the same … you will never know where this wood comes from and so every tiny little piece has a story to tell …

Do you know what is the best thing about driftwood? You just need some glue (I use the hot one), cord and a drill and you can create thousands of things out of this wood!

By the way … you do not need to live at the seaside to find driftwood! You can also find it along rivers or you can even buy it for little money on ebay!
Letztes Mal habe ich euch einige Stücke unserer maritimen Dekoration gezeigt, die dafür sorgen dass die Wohnung sich in ein richtiges Strandhaus verwandelt und heute geht es weiter mit dem 2. Teil: Dekorationen aus Treibholz! Ich liebe diese etwas komisch aussehenden Hölzer … man findet niemals zwei Stücke die gleich aussehen … man wird nie herausfinden woher dieses Holz kommt und jedes noch so kleine Stück hat eine Geschichte zu erzählen …

Und wisst ihr was das Beste an Treibholz ist? Man benötigt nur ein bisschen Leim (ich benutze Heißleim), Band oder Schnur und eine Bohrmaschine und kann tausende wunderschöner Dinge kreieren!

Man muss übrigens nicht unbedingt am Meer wohnen um Treibholz zu finden! Man findet es häufig auch an Flussufern oder man kann es sogar bei Ebay für wenig Geld bestellen!


The first idea I want to show you, is our Driftwood Ball. I took the smallest pieces and some glue and with a little bit of patience this cute little ball comes into being!
Das erste Treibholz-DIY was ich euch zeigen möchte ist unser Treibholz-Ball. Ich habe die kleinsten Holzstücke gesucht und mit ein wenig Leim und Geduld entsteht dieser süße Ball!

Another great idea is to create Wind Chimes out of the driftwood! We added some seashells and now they are our favorite decoration for the garden and the balcony!
Eine andere tolle Idee sind Windspiele aus Treibholz! Wir haben dafür auch ein paar Muscheln und kleine Bimssteine verarbeitet und jetzt sind sie unsere absolute Lieblingsdeko auf dem Balkon und im Garten!

Your want more? Here we go with a very cute idea: a Vase for flowers! I used two little bottles and fixed them with a nautical looking cord on a flat piece of driftwood. Another cord to hang it up and it is done!
Ihr wollt mehr? Hier ist eine richtig süße Idee: eine Treibholz-Blumenvase! Ich habe 2 kleine Flaschen mit einer Kordel an einem flachen Stück Holz festgebunden und eine weitere Kordel zum aufhängen angebracht – und schon ist die Vase fertig!


The last driftwood idea I want to show you is my favorite one: it is our Driftwood Lamp! It basically is one of the big swedish furniture shop and we added some beautiful pieces of driftwood and pumice to give it a coastal look!
Das letzte Treibholz-DIY was ich euch zeigen möchte ist mein Lieblingsstück: unsere Treibhoz-Lampe! Es war einmal eine Lampe vom Möbelschweden die wir mit einigen besonders schönen Stücken Treibholz und einem Bimsstein versehen haben und die jetzt eine wunderschöne Strandhaus-Atmosphäre in unsere Wohnung bringt!


If all this is not enough of you and you got as addicted to driftwood as I did – have a look right here on my Pinterest-Board, there are millions of ideas!
Wenn euch all das noch nicht reicht, dann schaut doch einfach einmal bei Pinterest vorbei – hier gibt es Millionen von Inspirationen!


Let me know in the comments if you like our ideas and if you have some more – please let me know! ;)
Lasst mich wissen ob euch diese Ideen gefallen und wenn ihr noch andere habt – immer her damit! ;)

Tanti saluti,







Send the spirit of Christmas to your loved ones: DIY Coastal Christmas Cards {FREE DOWNLOAD}


Ho ho ho and buonasera!

Did you already fall under the spirit of Christmas?! Since the evenings are getting really cold (at least for Calabria) and I count the days to go to Germany for the holidays (-5!!! YAY!!) I feel the atmosphere of Christmas! And as always in this period I start thinking of my family and all the friends we have all over the world. Of course it is easy to stay in touch via facebook, whatsapp, emails and so on but during this special time of the year I prefer some more personal greetings and I love designing and hand-writing Christmas cards that can also be used as gift tags!

This year I wanted to do something a little bit unusual so I just took a bag, had a walk around the living room, collected some items of our Christmas decoration and went to….


… THE BEACH! It was a sunny day and the light was great! As it was Sunday there were some persons having a walk along the beach and I think you can immagine their faces when they saw me lying in the sand with all the Christmas stuff!!

I really adore the result of this photoshooting and if you also want to send Christmas greetings to your family and friends and you still need some template just feel free to click on the pictures and download my Christmas cards and delight your loved ones!








Do you like this idea? Or do you prefer “traditional” Christmas cards? I would love to get to know your opinion!

Tanti saluti and relaxed days before Christmas,




Merry Monday {01} – Coastal Christmas Decoration


Buongiorno, hello to all of you!

Only 7 weeks to go for Christmas!! Can you believe it?! I cannot … at least most of the time! At the moment we have once more a great sunny weather and more than 20°C … but in the late afternoon, when it is getting dark, we are at home and we enjoy some cozy time on the couch with a hot tea and some candle light … yes, then there is already a little bit of this magic of the most wonderful time of the year!

And  these are the moments when I start thinking about the Christmas decoration. During the last years I changed the style of the interior decoration nearly every year … there are so many possibilities and I love to create themes and color schemes for various ideas! To intensify the pleasant anticipation until December, when the period of Christmas really starts, I will share 3 of my favorite “Christmas-Themes” with you during the next 3 weeks! There will be traditional decoration mixed up with natural materials, modern and stylish black&white-decoration and there is also a very special idea – and this will be the first one! Let’s draw the curtain for:


I really like this theme, because living at the sea and loving coastal decoration all over the year, this is the perfect way to combine Christmas with a great beach feeling! With some special tricks like small diamonds it is getting elegant and it is always a very natural way to decorate! What do you think about these ideas for a Coastal Christmas?! Do you love them as much as I do?

Christmas-Coastal-Beachlife-Decoration-2Here we go with the sources of all these great interior decoration ideas: Coral and Deers by Serendipity, colored ornaments by Life on Virginia Street, white ornaments and starfish by Black Point Chic.

There are also beautiful ornaments for your Christmas tree than can be easily handmade! Isn’t it a gorgeous idea to decorate sea shells with diamonds? They become shiny highlights everywhere in your house! I also adore the combination of turquoise, white and silver … this is my alltime favorite! The ornament on the left side can be easily made with the plastic ornaments you can by in every do-it-yourself store, filled with sand, sea shells or other coastal items.

Christmas-Coastal-Beachlife-Ornaments-1As you can see here and here, you can even decorate a whole Christmas tree in a coastal way – so different, but so beautiful!


You do not have to have a traditional Christmas tree at home. With some coastal stuff you can even create a new version of a Christmas tree – the only things you need are some driftwood, sea shells, starfish and your fantasy! You can find the links to these coastal versions of a Christmas tree here on my Pinteres-Board.

Christmas-Coastal-Beachlife-Christmastree-artificialOf course, a Christmas wreath must not be missed – if you want to put it on the wall or on the door or even on the table, the decision is yours! The pictures of these fantastic wreaths are from here and here.


During December I love sending Christmas cards to my family and friends as they live nearly all over the world. Of course these cards have to be special – and, that’s the most important thing: HANDWRITTEN! If you live near the sea as I do, or if you have the possibility to go to a beach or nearby, why don’t you take some Christmas stuff with you, let your creativity flow and do a little photo shooting to create your own, personal and unique Christmas cards to send to your loved ones?! Here are the links to these pictures: 1 – Merry Christmas, 2 – Candy Cane, 3 – Presents & Christmas tree, 4 – Tree made of ornaments and coastal items, 5 – ornaments on the beach.


Do you know what I love most about this idea of a Coastal Christmas? The combination of the colors blue and white – it is elegant and it creates calmness, balance and a peaceful atmosphere … there is nothing else needed for a cozy Christmas time!



Christmas-Coastal-Ornaments-Decoration-3The “Seas and greetings”-sign is from here, the big seashell filled with ornaments from here, the small wooden trees with a starfish on top are from here, the coastal ornaments from here, the writing “Noel” from here, the fantastic blue and white interior is from here and the coastal socks from here.

You can find even more ideas for a Coastal Christmas gathered on my Pinterest-Account!

What do you think about this kind of Christmas Decoration? Can you immagine to do it at home or do you like the traditional colors of Christmas such as red? I adore this idea and next year I will definitely decorate in this way!!

Have a nice start in the week and stay updated for the next Christmas-Inspiration Post on the next Merry-Monday!

Tanti saluti,