#Insider Tip {Calabria} – A small church with a breathtaking view!


Hi there, buongiorno a tutti!

As you maybe know, I am staying in Calabria since 2007 and since the first time I visited the city of Tropea I took thousands of photos of this little church on a small peninsula directly in front of the storic city center:
Wie ihr sicher wisst, bin ich seit 2007 in Kalabrien und seitdem ich das erste Mal in Tropea war, habe ich sicher tausende Fotos von dieser kleinen Kirche auf einer Art Halbinsel direkt vor der Altstadt gemacht:


It is called “Santa Maria dell’Isola” and it is not only one of my favorite spots for taking photos, but I think it is one of the most photographed subject in Calabria! Especially when the weather is good and you can see the vulcano Stromboli behind the church, it is just an amazing view!
Diese kleine Wallfahrtskirche heißt “Santa Maria dell’Isola” und sie ist nicht nur eines meiner persönlichen Lieblingsmotive, sondern ich denke es ist eines der am meisten fotografierten Motive in ganz Kalabrien! Besonders schön ist der Anblick bei guter Sicht, wenn man im Hintergrund den Vulkan Stromboli sieht!


Why I called this post “Insider Tipp” even if this is one of the most famous spots of the whole region?! Because my tip is not the view on the church from the city center but the inside of the church and the beautiful garden behind it! Since 2007 the small peninsula had been closed as there was the risk that it could crash because the sea is “working” on the soft sandstone and  there are a lot of grottos in it. Now finally the municipality found a solution and the totally restored church can be visited – after 7 years enoying only the view I finally could explore the church and the view “the other way around”!
Warum dieser Post “Insider Tipp” heißt, wenn es sich um eine der bekanntesten Sehenswürdigkeiten der Region handelt?! Ganz einfach: Mein Tipp ist nicht (nur) der Blick auf die Kirche von der Altstadt aus, sondern ein Besuch im Inneren der Kirche und ein Spaziergang durch den botanischen Garten dahinter! Seit 2007 war die kleine Halbinsel und damit auch die Kirche für Besucher gesperrt, das es ein Einsturzrisiko gab (der Sandstein auf dem die Kirche steht war durch das Meer und die salzige Luft porös geworden) – in den letzten Jahre hat die Gemeinde endlich eine Lösund für dieses Problem gefunden und nun kann die liebevoll restaurierte Kirche besucht und aus der Nähe betaunt werden! Und ich? Nach 7 Jahren kann ich endlich diese kleine Halbinsel erkunden und den Blick von der anderen Seite genießen!


From the city center of Tropea you can reach it just walking down the steps from “Piazza Canone” which is a square with a fantastic view on the church. Of course you can also go by car following the signs that lead you to the harbor and then following the seafront.
Von der Altstadt Tropeas kann man entweder die Stufen am Kanonenplatz (“Piazza Canone”) hinuntergehen oder einfach mit dem Auto der Beschilderung “Hafen/Porto” und dann der Strandpromenade folgen.


The church has its roots in the medieval times (around 1100) when the rock on which it has been built was still an island bathes by the sea. It became a Basilian convent and thanks to the monks this amazing botanical garden can be found behind the church! Yes, there are some stairs to do to reach the church and during the hot summer time it could be a little tiring, but the view from there is absolutely worth any single step!
Die Kirche wurde im Mittelalter um das 11. Jahrhundert gebaut, als der Fels auf dem sie steht noch eine Insel und komplett vom Meer umspült war. Sie wurde zu einem Basilianer-Kloster und es waren genau diese Mönche, die den botanischen Garten hiner der Kirche anlegten! Ja, es sind einige Stufen zu bewältigen um dieses Kleinod zu besichtigen und im heißen Sommer kann das recht anstrengend sein – aber der Blick auf das Meer und die Altstadt sind jede einzelne Stufe wert!


Breathtaking, isn’t it?! During a small walk through the garden you can relax on one of the benches under the trees and enjoy the view to the sea and the fantastic beaches of Tropea with their cristal clear turquoise water!
Atemberaubend, oder?! Bei einem Spaziergang durch den Klostergarten kann man sich auf einer der Bänke unter den Bäumen ausruhen und den Blick auf das kristallklare türkisblaue Meer und die wunderschönen Strände Tropeas genießen!


The inside of the church has also been restored and it is just beautiful with it’s simple style and one of the most beautiful moments is when you finished your visit of the garden and church and you step out … and you see once more this gorgeous view of Tropea’s storic buildings on the high rocks!
Auch das Innere der Kirche wurde restauriert und der einfache Stil gibt ihr eine besondere Atmosphäre. Einer der schönsten Momente während eines Besuches der Santa Maria dell’Isola ist der, wenn man den Garten und die Kirche besichtigt hat und dann wieder nach draußen kommt … und man noch einmal diesen fantastischen Blick auf die Altstadt Tropeas und die Häuser hat, die hoch auf den Felsen über dem Meer thronen!



What do you think about this little diamond? Isn’t it just amazing surrounded by the blue sea? If you will visit Calabria one day, this is absolutely a MUST for your itinerary!
Was haltet ihr von diesem kleinen Schmuckstück? Ich finde es einfach wunderschön! Solltet ihr Kalabrien einmal besuchen, ist die Santa Maria dell’Isola definitiv ein MUSS!

Enjoy your day! Tanti saluti,



#Insider Tip {Calabria} – The Paradise behind the Train Station

Buongiorno and a happy hello to everybody!

In my last post I told you that during the last week we spent some time on “holiday at home” – my parents visited us and of course we could not stay at home but had to use the fantastic weather to explore some new spots and today I want to share a real insider tip with you!

The Tyrrhenian Coast of Calabria is famous for its rocky cliff line that is interrupted by small bays. There are many of them along the coastline between Pizzo and Capo Vaticano and not for nothing this part of the coast is called “Costa degli Dei”, the “Coast of the Gods”.

Now just close your eyes for one moment, inhale and exhale deeply, immagine a small path that guides you through a lush vegetation …


… amongst the bushes and plants you already hear the sound of the waves and sometimes you see some blue shining through all the green around you …


… then the path descends, there are some steps and it wriggles down the cliff line …


… suddenly the path finishes and the only things you see are the crystal clear turquoise sea, a lonesome bay with white sandy beaches and amazing rock formations … this is a real paradise! And this is exactely what it is called: Paradiso del Sub!




Isn’t it beautiful?! I came here for the first time only one year ago and I immediately fell in love with this place! Did you recognize the strange shape of one of the rocks? It is called “Scoglio del Leone”, “Lion’s Rock” because of its shape that is similar to a lion!


As its name reveals, this bay is a paradise for scuba diving and snorkeling and for the ones that do not like to sunbath for hours there is also the possibility to do a little walk along the coastline that offers a great view along the coast in the Southern direction – you can even see the city of Tropea from here, that is situated on a huge rock directly at the seashore!




Are you wondering how to reach this fantastic place? Don’t worry, it is that simple! Just follow the main road SS18 from Pizzo in the direction of Tropea. You will pass some small towns such as Vibo Marina, Porto Salvo and Briatico and then you reach Zambrone. Directly at the beginning of the town, vis-à-vis the only supermarket, there is a building which is the train station. There is also a small bar in it so you cannot fail. Just leave the car right there (you can park as well on the street as on the parking space on the right site of the train station), but have a look on the signs because some parking spaces are with costs during the summer months.


Then pretend to take the train, cross the line of rails (ATTENTION: be sure that there is no train arriving and cross the line of rails only in the marked passage!) and turn to your right – there is only one path starting at this point, so you simply cannot fail! I recommend sturdy shoes to descend the path, but it is absolutely worth it, even the steeply rising way back is no barrier to come back as soon as possible! And hey, it is only 10-15 minutes!

Once arrived at the sea shore you can decide whether you want to stay in one of the tiny bays on the left or if you would like to cross some more rocks to reach a wide sandy beach on the right – it is entirely up to you!




If you live in Calabria, or if you plan to come here – do not miss this spot and spend some unforgettable hours in this paradise!

Have fun and enjoy your day,


#Ironthedog about a hidden paradise

Whoof whoof, buongiorno – it’s me, Iron!

I hope all of you feel as good as I do, because I really enjoy the fresh air of October!


As Julia and Daniele have more free time to spend with me now, during the last days we did a tour to a beautiful lake. It is situated only 2km from our home and it is a real oasis! You see, I am not only a dog but also a tour guide who shows you a beautiful destinations that nearly nobody knows!


The lake called “Lago Angitola” is an artificial lake that has been “created” by building a dam at the Angitola River just a few km before it flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea in 1966. To reach it you just have to follow the signs “Serra San Bruno” from the main road of the Tyrrhenian Sea (SS18) at the highway exit Pizzo Calabro. Follow this street for 1km until you reach the tuna factory Callipo – there is a small agrarian street that turns to the left and that brings you directly to the lake.


With a surface of 1,96 square km the “Lake Angitola” is quite big and in 1975 it became a WWF World Wide Fund Oasi where the alternation of landscapes creates a wealth of unique biodiversity. There are many many species of birds and so it is a really interesting place to visit not only for nature lovers but also for people interested in biology and ornithology!

Beeing a WWF Oasi it is forbidden to swim in the lake but you can do fantastic walks along its shore enjoying the nature!


A really nice idea would be to pack some yummy food and a blanket and to have some picknick there, maybe in between of centuries-old olive trees with a view that could also show a panorama of Tuscany!



The whole time we were there walking around we did not meet anybody besides some sheep and I loved running around exploring the area! There are so many different smells … cows, birds, a fox … and when I was immerged in all these perfumes I heard Daniele talking about wild pigs that he always saw there when he was a young boy – trust me, he did not even finish to talk about these wild pigs when we heard a strange sound … and bammmmm … one of them crossed the path directly in front of us!!! Julia yelled my name but I could not resist, I HAD to follow this huge animal in the coppice! At the end … what can I tell you … the wild pig won the race, but just because it knew the area better than me, otherwise I would have beat it!

After this exciting episode we left the lake behind us climbing up the hills around the lake – from there you do not only have a fantastic panoramic view but there is also a real insider tip to be doscovered! About this, I will tell you the next time!

Now I have to relax from the run with the wild pig and all the new impressions!

Enjoy your day, see you soon!

Tanti saluti,


Calabria Sport Fishing – Come to see our world!

Buongiorno, hello everybody!

Some time ago we had the chance to show the beauties of our region to a Dutch film team that was producing a documentary in Calabria. We were very happy to welcome them aboard and to take them for a tour and it was also much fun!




At the end they sent us some of the shots and we prepared a little video about Calabria Sport Fishing – as we started the tour in the late afternoon we got some great sunset shots – enjoy!

If you would also like to experience a fantastic romantic tour with us watching the sunset – just come over and I promise that you will gather a great experience you’ll never forget!

Tanti saluti,


Capo Vaticano – a place where you want to stay FOREVER!

Hello everybody,

are you ready to explore one of Calabrias hightlights? Come along on a tour to “Capo Vaticano“, one of the most famous and most stunning places of the whole region and for me one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria

Capo Vaticano is the tip of the peninsula that divides the Tyrrhenian Sea into the Gulf of Sant’Eufemia in the North and the Gulf of Gioia Tauro in the South.

Calabria-Map-Capo Vaticano-GoogleEarth

It is a place where the rocks really seem to fall into the sea and with its altitude of 120m the lookout point offers a great panoramic view over the Calabrian coast!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Costa-1

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Seaside-1

To get there you follow a small street that winds through endless fields where the famous “cipolla rossa di Tropea” grows, the red onion of Tropea which is an important part of the Calabrian cuisine. When you reach the lighthouse, the street ends and you just follow a path down to the lookout point.

Once arrived there, go to the very end of the terrace, close to the railing … and  let your eyes wander along the horizon … if the weather is fine and the view is clear you can see all the Eolian Islands, the whole Calabrian Coast, the Strait of Messina and even the vulcano “Etna” on the island of Sicily!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Eolian Islands-Sicily-1

When you admired the panorama, you absolutely have to take one more step ahead … and then have a look towards your feet … and from 120m a.s.l. you will discover the lonesome bays with white sandy beaches, a lush vegetation with palms, cactuses, Indian figs and flowers of all types and colors, the crystal see shimmering blue and turquoise – believe me: This is a place you never want to leave!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Beach-1

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Flowers-2

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Flowers-1
From the first lookout point, a small path goes along the cliff up to the lighthouse and every meter you go, you will see another small bay, another fantastic beach and you will take another perfect photo!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Panorama-Path

Did you note play of colors of the sea? It is shimmering in all the different shades of blue and turquoise that exist!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Blue Sea-2

There is an old legend saying that once there was a beautiful woman living in a small village near Capo Vaticano, she was called “Donna Canfora”. She always wore awfully colored robes and her characteristic was a scarf made of silk that had all the shades of blue you can immagine! One day her village has been attacked by the Saracens and as she was the prettiest woman they had ever seen they planned to take her with them. On the day they wanted to leave they brought her on their ship and she had to say goodbye to her family and friends. The ship started to move and instead of accepting her fate she jumped into the water. She disappeared at once … only her scarf was floating on the surface and from this moment the water took the colors from this beautiful scarf! Some old people say that the sound of the waves when they crash into the rocks is the moaning of Donna Canfora who is still crying because she cannot see her beautiful home aymore!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Blue Sea-1

Along the cliffs of Capo Vaticano there are many beaches and some of them can only be reached by boat! Of course it is fantastic to see this region not only from the the lookout point above, but also from the sea! By the way, it is also a paradise for snorkelling and diving!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Seaside-2

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Seaside-3

One of the few beaches you can reach by car is called “Grotticelle” – just follow the signs of the hotel that has the same name and if you go ahead you will reach a large bay with lidos, bars and restaurants. From there you can walk along the beach, climbing over some rocks to reach more solitary beaches or just go by paddleboat or water taxi.

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Beach-2

The best way to enjoy everything that this stunning place has to offer is to go there in  the morning and to visit first of all the lookout point when it is not that hot yet and the view is clear. Then you spend a fantastic day on the beach in one of the bays between sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling and in the evening you treat yourself with a delicious Italian dinner and a view on the sunset like this:

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Sunset-EolianIslands-3

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Sunset-EolianIslands-2

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Sunset-EolianIslands-4

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Sunset-EolianIslands-1

If you visit Calabria, Capo Vaticano is absolutely a MUST on your itinerary! Preparing this post I was having a look on all my photos of Capo Vaticano – there are already 597 (!!!) of them and everytime I go there I take more and more because it is that fascinating! At this point I would like to thank my friend Markus Barthel who also fell in love with Capo Vaticano and took some of the beautiful photos you can see in this post.

What do you think about Calabrias postcard scene number one? Would you like to visit it yourself?


Tanti saluti,


Calabria Sport Fishing – Relax, fun and sightseeing!

Buongiorno, hello to all of you!

Immagine that you are staying near the sea … it is summertime … it is really hot … so what do you think about boat trip with a refreshing marine breeze along a beautiful lush cliff line having a great time while enjoying a fantastic panorama, a visit of the unique cave-chapel “Chiesetta di Piedigrotta” and stopps for swimming and snorkelling in the cristalline water?

If you agree that this is a perfect summer activity – then do not waste time and come along with Calabria Sport Fishing on one of our Panoramic Tours!
Stell dir vor du bist am Meer … es ist Sommer … es ist richtig heiß … was hälst du von einer kleinen Bootstour mit einer frischen Meeresbrise entlang einer wunderschönen üppig bewachsenen Küste? Einfach eine tolle Zeit verbringen, das fantastische Panorama genießen, die Grottenkirche “Piedigrotta” besuchen und Stopps zum Schnorcheln und Schwimmen im kristallklaren Wasser machen?

Wenn du auch der Meinung bist, das das eine perfekte Idee für den Sommer ist, dann komm mit uns auf eine unserer Panoramatouren mit Calaria Sport Fishing!


As usually we start the tour from the harbor of Vibo Marina – at the landing place “Stella del Sud” you can find every comfort before starting the adventure on the sea. Leaving the harbor we follow the lush green coast line until we reach Pizzo – one of the typical Calabrian fishing villages.

Situated on a rock high above the sea the view from the boat is spectacular – the houses finish at the end of the rock and then there is simply … nothing … besides the turquoise sea after 44 meters!
Wie immer startet unsere Tour im Hafen von Vibo Marina, am Anlegeplatz “Stella del Sud”, der allen Komfort bietet, bevor das Abenteuer auf See beginnt! Nachdem wir den Hafen verlassen haben folgen wir der grünen Küste bis wir die Stadt Pizzo erreichen – ein typisch kalabresisches Firscherdöfchen.

Pizzo liegt auf einem hohen Felsen direkt über dem Meer und der Blick von der Seeseite aus ist einfach atemberaubend – die Häuser enden mit dem Felsen und dann ist da einfach …. nichts … bis auf der türkis schimmernde Meer in 44 Metern Tiefe!



Only a few miles after Pizzo we reach the a nice beach that hides one of the most famous sights of the whole region! From the streets you cannot even see it, only a small sign shows the way to this small church … but from the sea you only have to go few steps over the sand and you can visit the cave-chapel “Piedigrotta”!
Nur wenige Seemeilen nach Pizzo erreichen wir eine schönen kleinen Strand, der eine der bekanntesten Sehenswürdigkeiten der Region beheimatet! Von der Straße aus kann man sie nicht einmal sehen, nur ein kleines Schild weist den weg über viele Stufen in Richtung Meer … aber von der Seeseite aus muss man nur wenige Schritte über den Sand laufen und schon kann man die Grottenkirche “Piedigrotta” besichtigen!


From the outside it doesn’t even look that spectacular, but if you go inside you will be enchanted – actually it is a grot that has been formed in a natural way by the sea and based on an old legend it became a sacred place and with our boat we land directly on the beach in front of the church!
Von außen sieht sie recht unspektakulär aus, aber wenn ihr hinein geht wird sie euch verzaubern – es ist eine natürliche Grotte die vom Meer in den Tuffstein hineingespült wurde und aufgrund einer alten Legende wurde diese Grotte zu einem heiligen Ort. Mit unserem Boot können wir direkt am Strand vor der Kirche anlegen!



The legend is about a ship that encountered a violent storm off the coast of Pizzo in the 17th century. The captain noticed that there will be no way to save the ship and so he gathered his crew and they started to pray in front of a portrait of the “Madonna di Piedigrotta” and they promised that they would build a church in her honor if they survived. The ship has been totally destroyed by the storm but the whole crew reached the shore alive – a wonder! Of course the sailors kept their promise and built an altar – in the cave where they found the portrait of the Madonna a few days after the storm and this cave became the so called “Chiesetta di Piedigrotta”!

Inside the cave-chapel there are numerous statues hewn out of the tufa directly in the cave which have been made by a local artist in the 19th century – until today there is no electricity, there are only a few windows and holes in the rock that let the sunshine in and so you will find a mystic spectacle of light and shaddow in the cave! Depending on the time of day and the season it seems to be different, sometimes the statues even seem to move!



It is also possible to follow some steps to get on the “roof” of the cave where you have a nice view on the beach and on the coast.



After the visit of the cave-church our guests have the possibility to swim and snorkel in the fantastic sea directly in front of the church.



Afterwards we start heading back to Vibo Marina enjoying once more the beauties of the cliff line and another stop for swimming and snorkelling.





With us, even the smallest guest can become a real skipper!


And after 3-4 hours the adventure is over – and as well our guests as we ourselves gathered unique emotions and memories that will rest forever!

A tour with Calabria Sport Fishing is an individual experience for couples and friends, for young and old, for the whole family!


Maybe we will meet someday on our boat? We would be really happy to welcome you aboard!

Tanti saluti,


#31 days … this was our August

Hello, buongiorno!

August passed by … 31 days passed in a second and to be onest I do not know what to think about that! The days are getting shorter, the nights are colder, fall and winter are near … on the other side I am really happy that this month full of work passed by and we have more time for each other, evrything is more relaxed, the streets are getting empty, the beaches too … and anyway, it was a month full of sunshine and happy moments!
Der August ist vorbei … 31 Tage sind wie im Flug vergangen und um ehrlich zu sein weiß ichnicht so recht was ich davon halten soll! Die Tage werden schon kürzer, dieAbende kühler, Herbst und Winter kommen näher und näher … auf der einen Seite ich glücklich, dass dieser arbeitsreiche und stressige Monat varüber ist und wir wieder mehr Zeit füreinander haben, alles ruhiger und entspannter ist, die Straßen leerer werden und die Strände auch nicht mehr überlaufen sind … wie auch immer: es war ein Monat voll von Sonnenschein und glücklichen Momenten!

We enjoyed beautiful sunsets at the beach … // Wir haben wunderschöne Sonnenuntergänge am Strand genossen …


… had a great time there also during the day … /// … haben hier auch tagsüber eine tolle Zeit verbracht …


… we compared typical Calabrian “peperoncino” and the famous “habanero” … // … wir haben typisch kalabresischen Chili und den berühmten “habanero” verglichen …


… we followed the procession in the harbour if Vibo Marina to honor the “Madonna del Rosario di Pompei” with amazing fireworks… // … wir sind der Prozession der Heiligen Maria von Pompei im Hafen von Vibo Marina gefolgt und haben ein atemberaubendes Feuerwerk gesehen …


… I was been creative while stamping tote bags … // … ich war kreativ und habe Stoffbeutel bedruckt

… we admired gorgeous flowers  … // … wir haben prachtvolle Blumen bewundert …


… during our morningwalks with Iron … // … während unserer Spaziergänge mit Iron …

… we partied with the whole family … // … wir haben mit der ganzen Familie gefeiert …


… tasted delicious seafood and my beloved salad with chicken … // … leckere Meeresfrüchte und meinen Lieblingssalat mit Huhn gegessen …


… we spent unforgettable hours on our boat with tourists from all over the world … // … w ir haben unvergessliche Stunden auf dem Boot verbracht mit Touristen aus aller Welt …

… we’ve been enthralled by amazing panoramic views as well at the sea as in the mountains … // … wir haben uns von fantastischen Panoramablicken am Meer und in den Bergen verzaubern lassen …


… and we spent 2 wonderfull weeks with friends visiting us! // … und wir haben 2 wundervolle Wochen mit Freunden verbracht, die uns besucht haben!

How was your August? What were your happy moments of this summer?
Wie war euer August? Was waren eure glücklichen Sommer-Momente?

Tanti saluti,




Calabria Sport Fishing – fantastic adventures on the sea!


today I would like to introduce  Calabria Sport Fishing to you – unique adventures on the Mediterranean – and Daniele’s everyday life:

What we offer are individual halfday boat trips along the fantastic green coastline of Pizzo. We start at the harbor of Vibo Marina and follow the impressive cliff line until we reach the city of Pizzo.
Heute stelle ich euch Calabria Sport Fishing vor – individuelle Abenteuer auf hoher See – und Daniele’s Alltag!

Wir bieten Halbtagesausflüge entlang der fantastischen und grünen Küste von Pizzo an. Wir starten im Hafen von Vibo Marina und folgen der atemberaubenden Steilküste bis wir Pizzo erreichen.




Our boat has been built in 2007 and of course it provides all safety standards, such as life vests also for small children and so on. As Daniele is also a certified lifeguard you can feel more than safe aboard!

!!! UPDATE 2015: We are more than happy to announce, that all excurions starting from April 2015 will be operated by our new boat “Nettuno”, that offers more space and a higher comfort! Click right here for further information!!!

Unser Boot wurde 2007 gebaut und bietet alle Sicherheitsbestimmungen wie Schwimmwesen (auch für kleine Kinder) usw.! Da Daniele auch ausgebildeter Rettungsschwimmer ist, können sich unsere Gäste an Bord mehr als sicher fühlen!

!!! UPDATE 2015: Wir freuen uns riesig unsere Gäste informieren zu dürfen, dass alle Ausflüge ab April 2015 mit unserem neuen Boot “Nettuno” durchgeführt werden, welches Ihnen mehr Platz sowie einen höheren Komfort bietet. Weitere Informationen zu unserem Neuzugang erhalten Sie hier!!!


As you can see the boat is not that big – and this is the special thing: We have a maximum of 5-6 guests for every tour! We do not want to do a mass tourism, but we want to give the possibility to our guests, to enjoy a unique adventure and to get into a real relation with us, with the sea and the nature! How could we pass our passion to Calabria to 50 or 60 persons? Nearly impossible! If you book a tour with us you can be sure that we will do all we can to fulfill your desires or special requests!
Wir ihr sehen könnt, ist das Boot nicht riesengroß – und genau das ist das Besondere: Wir haben maximal 5-6 Gäste an Bord! Wir wollen keinen Massentourismus, sondern wir wollen unseren Gästen die Möglichkeit gebem, ihr persönliches Abenteuer zu erleben und eine Beziehung aufzubauen mit uns, dem Meer und der Natur! Unsere Liebe zu Kalabrien an 50 oder 60 Personen auf einmal weitergeben? Fast unmöglich! Wer eine Tour mit uns bucht kann sicher sein, dass wir alles tun werden um EURE Wünsche oder besonderen Anfragen zu erfüllen!

When our guests book they can chose on their own what itinerary they would like to do: // Wenn unsere Gäste buchen, können sie selbst das Programm bestimmen:

… a fishing tour // ein Angelausflug
… a panoramic tour with stops for swimming and snorkeling // eine Panoramatour mit Stopps zum Schwimmen und Schnorcheln
… a panoramic tour visiting the famous cave-chapel “Piedigrotta” // eine Panoramatour mit Besuch der berühmten Grottenkirche “Piedigrotta”
… dolphin watching // Delfinbeobachtung
… a romantic tour to watch the sunset enjoying some prosecco // eine romantische Tour in den Sonnenuntergang mit Prosecco
… or a mix of all of that in one tour? EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! // Oder ein Mix aus all dem? ALLES IST MÖGLICH!


During the next months I am going to present the different tours a little bit more in detail to give you an impression of all the various things you can experience during 3-4 hours on the sea!
In den nächsten Monaten werde ich einige unserer Angebote etwas nähre vorstellen, um euch einen Einblick in all die Möglichkeiten zu geben, die sich in 3-4 Stunden auf dem Meer bieten!

At the end of todays post some insider information: // Zum Schluss noch ein paar Insider-Informationen:
After finishing the school Daniele used to work in a quite famous tuna factory – but already during the first days there he recognized that this is absolutely not the life he wants to live! And what can I say? He followed his dream, created a project in his head, took all the money he saved while working as lifeguard during the summer holidays … ignored all the persons that told him that he was crazy … and after only one year Calabria Sport Fishing was born and finally he started to do what he loves – and he really loves what he does! I think this is the only way to make your guests feel good and comfortable – only if you love what you do you can be authentic and pass real passion and joy to others!
Nachdem Daniele die Schule beendet hat, hat er in einer bekannten Thunfisch-Fabrik gearbeitet, aber schon nach den ersten Tage hat er festgestellt, dass das absolut nicht das Leben ist, was er leben wollte! Und was soll ich sagen? Er ist seinem Traum gefolgt, hat ein Projekt auf die Beine gestellt, all das Geld genommen was er gespart hatte während er in den Sommerferien als Rettungsschwimmer arbeitete … er hat alle Personen ignoriert die ihn für verrückt erklärt haben … er hat eine unbefristete Stelle gekündigt (und das ist in Kalabrien mit einer wahnsinnig hohen Arbeitslosenrate wirklich verrückt) … und nach nur einem Jahr war Calabria Sport Fishing geboren und er konnte endlich das machen, was er liebt – und er liebt wirklich, was er macht! Ich glaube das ist die einzige Möglichkeit, um seinen Gästen ein einzigartiges Erlebnis zu schenken – nur wenn man liebt was man macht ist man wirklich authentisch und kann seine Leidenschaft und Lebensfreude an andere weitergeben!



Enjoy your day and always “do what you love”! // Genießt euren Tag und macht immer das, was ihr wirklich liebt!

Tanti saluti,


Calabria – Italy’s Hidden Beauty

Buongiorno a tutti,

everyday when I go on a morningwalk with our dog, when I drive to my workplace and even when I just drive to the supermarket – there is always one thought in my mind: Is it real that I live in such a beautiful part of the world?!
Jedes Mal wenn ich mit unserem Hund morgens am Strand spazieren gehe, wenn ich auf Arbeit fahre und auch wenn ich einfach  nur auf dem Weg zum Supermarkt bin – es gibt einen Gedanken der mir in diesen Situationen fast immer durch denk Kopf schwirrt: “Wow, ist es wahr, dass ich in einem so schönen Teil der Erde lebe?!”

Today I would like to introduce this beauty to you – let’s get to know the far South of the Italian peninsula!
Heute möchte ich euch diese Schönheit vorstellen – ich möchte gemeinsam mit euch den äußersten Süden Italiens erkunden!


Situated in the deep south of Italy it is also called its “forgotton beauty” – and well, when I told to my family and friends in 2007 that I am going to work in Calabria most of them asked me “Oh, so you are going to Spain?”! ;)
Kalabrien ist die südlichste Region des italienischen Festlandes und wird auch als “vergessene Schönheit” bezeichnet – naja, als ich meiner Familie und meinen Freunden 2007 erzählt habe, dass ich in Kalabrien arbeiten werde haben mich einige von ihnen gefragt “Was, du gehts nach Spanien”! ;)

Calabria is one of the most chameleonic regions I’ve ever seen – in only 15.000 square kilometres you can find everything from white sandy beaches up to high mountains and areas for downhill skiing and I think this is why I love it so much! Even if Calabria consists of 90% of mountains, there is no city that is more distant from the seashore than 60 kilometres and every small village has its own characteristic and beauty.
Kalabrien ist eine der vielseitigsten Regionen die ich je gesehen habe – in nur 15.000km² findet sich von weißen Sandstränden über hohe Berge und Skigebiete einfach alles, was man sich vorstellen kann und ich glaube deswegen habe ich mich direkt in diese Region verliebt! Auch wenn Kalabrien zu 90% aus Gebirgen besteht, gibt es keine Stadt die mehr als 60km vom Meer entfernt ist und jedes kleine Dörfchen hat seine eigene Schönheit!


During the next weeks and months I would like to show you the beauties of this region which took me by storm – but don’t worry – I am not going to show you only the sights you can also see in every travel guide but of course the hidden places only a person that lives here knows!

To start this journey through Calabria let’s have a general look on the region:
Während der nächsten Wochen und Monate möchte ich euch mitnehmen auf eine Reise durch die grüne Stiefelspitze Italiens – aber keine Angst, ich werde euch nicht nur die Sehenswürdigkeiten zeigen, die ihr in jedem Reiseführer findet – es wird natürlich auch um versteckte Orte und kleine Highlights gehen, die nur Einheimische kennen!

Zum Einstieg, lasst uns  einen allgemeinen Blick auf “bella Calabria” werfen:


We are mostly surrounded by the Mediterranean: In the West by the Tyrrhenian Sea and in the South and in the East by the Ionian Sea.

These two main coasts of Calabria are more than different – along the Tyrrhenian Coast there are cliff lines, a very lush and green vegetation, lonesome bays and of course in the South there is the connection to Sicily – the Street of Messina.
Wir sind an 3 Seiten vom Mittelmeer umspült: Im Westen vom Tyrrhenischen Meer und im Süden und Süden vom Ionischen Meer.

Die 2 Küsten Kalabriens könnten unterschiedlicher nicht sein – entlang der Tyrrhensichen Küste finden sich schroffe Steilküsten, eine üppige Vegetation und einsame Sandbuchten sowie natürlich im Süden die Verbindung nach Sizilien über die “Straße von Messina”.


On the East Coast instead there are long and sandy beaches, a hilly country that is slowly rising to the mountains in the centre of the country and there are millions of traces of the ancient Greeks that have been here many many centuries ago!
Im Gegensatz dazu reihen sich an der Ostküste lange breite Sandstrände aneinander, eine sanfte Hügellandschaft steigt langsam in die Gebirge des Landesinneren an und es gibt unzählige Spuren der alten Griechen zu entdecken, die das Land vor vielen tausend Jahren bevölkerten!


And it was not only Calabria I fell in love with immediately after arriving, also the Aeolian Islands are one of my favourite spots, even if they are a part of the region of Sicily. The archipelago consists of 7 islands and the island of Stromboli is the one that is situated only 60 kilometres from the Calabrian main land! Being so near to the Tyrrhenian Coast I really cannot imagine a sunset without the active volcano Stromboli at the horizon …
Schon in den ersten Tagen nach meiner Ankunft, habe ich mich nicht nur in Kalabrien selbst verliebt, sondern auch in die Äolischen Inseln, auch wenn diese zu Sizilien gehören. Das Archipel besteht aus 7 Inseln und die Insel Stromboli, die befindet sich mit nur 60km am nähesten am kalabresischen Festland! Ich kann mir garkeinen Sonnenuntergang ohne den aktiven Vulkan Stromboli am Horizont mehr vorstellen …


I think during the last years I took millions of pictures of the sunset and I will take millions and millions more …. isn’t it simply fantastic to see this fuming volcano? Certainly you can imagine that it is not always easy to live in a country where you did not grow up, you are far away from your family and friends, working in the tourism is not always relaxed but really stressful … but when I come home in the evening, I go to the beach and I see this panorama – I simply forget every difficulty and any stress, I just enjoy and most of the times it is hard to recognize that I really can say “Yes, this beautiful country, this fantastic place – it is MY HOME!”
Ich glaube im Laufe der Jahre habe ich schon Millionen Fotos von diesem Anblick gemacht und ich werde noch mehrere tausend in den nächsten Jahren machen … ist dieses Panorama des rauchenden Vulkans nicht einfach fantastisch? Ihr könnt euch sicher vorstellen dass es nicht immer einfach ist in einem Land zu leben, in dem man nicht aufgewachsen ist – weit weg von Freunden und Familie, mein Job im Tourismus ist nicht immer entspannt sondern ziemlich stressig … aber wenn ich am Abend nach Hause komme, an den Strand gehe und dieses Panorama sehe – dann vergesse ich einfach allen Stress, ich genieße einfach den Moment und manchmal ist es wirklich schwer zu realisieren dass ich sagen kann “Ja, diese wunderschöne Region, dieser fantastische Ort – ist MEIN ZUHAUSE!”

What do you think about this first impression of Calabria? Are you looking forward to see more? Of course we do not have famous sights such as the Pyramids of Gizeh, the Eiffel Tower or the Grand Canyon .. but what we have is a region, that has never been destroyed by mass tourism, we have characteristic villages and a really wild nature combined with a crystal sea and a warm hospitality of the local people!
Was hälst du von diesem ersten Eindruck von Kalabrien? Möchtest du mehr sehen? Ich weiß, wir haben keine berühmten Sehenswürdigkeiten wie die Pyramiden von Giseh, den Eiffelturm oder den Grand Canyon zu bieten … aber wir haben eine Region, die vom Massentourismus noch unberührt ist, wir haben pittoreske Dörfer und eine unberührte Natur zusammen mit einem kristallklaren türkisblauen Meer und einer unglaublichen Gastfreundschaft der Einheimischen!

So just be curious … during the next weeks I will take you on a journey for all senses through this hidden beauty!
Sei einfach neugierig … und lass dich ein auf eine Reise für alle Sinne durch diese versteckte Schönheit!

Tanti saluti,


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Here we go – let’s start a new adventure!

Buongiorno, hello to all of you!

Some years ago I read the first blogs on the internet and I immediately fell in love with all the inspiration I got from them!
Vor einigen Jahren habe ich die ersten Blogs im Internet gelesen und war sofort begeistert von alle den Inspirationen die ich bekommen habe!

Of course a blog does not show the whole real life of the person behind it, but I think that in today’s society we should think much more about the small things  that make our life beautiful instead of running from one appointment to the next complaining about the traffic, the weather, the politicians,… – I think it could be a fantastic possibility also for me to spend more time with the little “happy moments” of life – and there are many of them, we just have to realize them!
Ein Blog zeigt natürlich nicht das gesamte reale Leben der Person, die dahinter steht, aber ich denke dass unsere heutige Gesellschaft mehr an all die kleinen schönen Dinge des Lebens denken sollte, anstatt von einem Termin zum nächsten zu eilen und sich über den Verkehr, das Wetter und die Politiker zu beschweren – Ich denke, ein Blog ist eine fantastische Möglichkeit auch für mich selbst, mehr Zeit mit den schönen Dingen des Alltags zu verbringen – und es gibt viele schöne Dinge, wir müssen sie nur erkennen!


On CalabrianSunshine I will share my inspiration with you and of course also my love to Calabria – this beautiful region in the deep South of Italy that got my second home!
Auf CalabrianSunshine möchte ich meine Inspiration und meine Liebe zu Kalabrien teilen – dieser wunderschönen Region im tiefen Süden Italiens, die zu meiner zweiten Heimat geworden ist!

If you would like to … // Wenn du … 

… be taken by your hand and to be shown a wild nature and amazing beaches
… mit mir eine unberührte Natur und atemberaubende Strände entdecken möchtest 


… get to know a fantastic dog and his view of life
… einen fantastischen Hund und seine Sicht auf das Leben kennenlernen willst

Iron 17 months

… go on adventures on the Mediterranean Sea with Calabria Sport Fishing
… mit Calabria Sport Fishing kleine Abenteuer auf hoher See erleben willst


be inspired by great Pinterest Boards, Blogs, You Tube Channels
… dich von tollen Pinterest-Boards, Blogs und You Tube Channels inspirieren lassen möchtest


… get some easy-peasy but stylish DIY ideas
… einfache aber dennoch stylische DIY Ideen magst


… and much more … then you are at the right place and I invite you to stay with me on CalabrianSunshine and to enjoy a little bit of the Italian “dolce vita” wherever you are in the world!
… wenn du all das magst und noch viel mehr entdecken willst, dann bist du hier genau richtig und ich lade dich ein, ein kleines bisschen italienisches “dolce vita” zu genießen, wo auch immer du dich auf dieser Welt befindest!

I am excited and happy and I am looking forward to share my inspiration with you! You can find some more information about me here.
Ich bin ein wenig aufgeregt und superglücklich und ich freue mich, meine Inspirationen mit euch zu teilen! Mehr Informationen über mich findest du hier.

Tanti saluti,


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