Julia loves … Spring Wallpapers for your Iphone

Buongiorno and a happy hello a tutti!

Did you already change the clothes of your desktop?? I did, and it feels so good to open the laptop in the morning watching a pop of color!

Today let’s go one step further and prepare your Iphone (or every other smartphone) for springtime! Here we go with my favourite Phone-Wallpapers to brighten up your life! Be prepared … it’s getting really colorful now!


 Get the wallpapers here: Flower-Wallpaper, Macarons-Wallpaper.


 For the dandelion-wallpaper click here, the one with the butterfly is from here.


The fantastic Hello-Spring-wallpaper is from here and the funny one with strawberries from here.

What about your phone? Is it still dressed for wintertime or do you need some color in your life like me? Or maybe you do not change the wallpaper during the year? Let me know in the comments!

Tanti saluti,



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