Julia loves … Spring Wallpapers for your desktop

Hello hello, buongiorno a tutti!

I could give a headline to the past week that describes it perfectly: GREY. AND WET. It was raining nearly every day and the clouds were hanging in mountains and did not want to go away … bäääh!

As I told you already in this post about nailart, I love lightning up these grey days with some pops of color everywhere – also on my desktop and today I want to share my 5 favourite spring wallpapers with you – just follow the links by clicking on the pictures, download and enjoy!






Do you also like changing “the clothes” of your computer according to the season or to your feelings? Which one is your favourite?

Stay tuned, during the next days I will show you the most prettiest Iphone wallpapers – don’t miss!

Tanti saluti,



One thought on “Julia loves … Spring Wallpapers for your desktop

  1. Ju, you can also print wallpaper on canon engines Send you a sample.

    Uwe Rüdrich

    Tulpenweg 4

    08058 Zwickau, Germany

    Telefon +49 375 210088 Mobil D: +4917621543028 Mobil D: +491722072744 Mobil AT: +436641739871 Mobil IT: +393458310646



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