Birthdaychallenge “29 before 30” … let it be a year full of happy moments!

Buongiorno and a happy hello to all of you!

Wow … I’m going to have 30 years next year … 30!!! I still cannot believe it, as it seems as if it was only yesterday when I studied and I remember so well the day when I came to Calabria for the first time in 2007! But let’s not get beaten by a number … I rather want to enjoy this last year in my twenties at most and so I really liked the idea of “29 before 30” when I read about it on various blogs.

It means to create a list of 29 things you want to do before your 30th Birthday. It could be simple things as for example “bake a cherry cake” or even dreams you want to make come true as learning horseback riding or travelling to Southern America – it’s up to you how to make this year a special one!


I decided to fill my list with little things I ever wanted to do but I never did, with things I did not do for a long while and of course with some things I already do, but I want to do more of them. Why I publish this list and do not let it in some box at home?! Because I think that in this way it is something more “official”, more serious. It should not become a stress to tick one point after the other but it should not even get out of my mind! And maybe somebody of you also wants to do such a list to gather as many happy moments as possible in you personal year?!

For me, already writing the list made me happy, because it makes you think about so many things you like and you recognize that there are many little things you should not do without really enjoying them!


And here we go … these are my “29 before 30”:

#01 Eat less meat – at least 3 vegetarian days a week
#02 Paint at least one wall of the appartment in a bright color
#03 Make an excursion to the top of Mount Etna
#04 Paragliding
#05 Teach 2 funny tricks to Iron


#06 Sort my wardrobe according to colors
#07 Create a world-map wall art in the corridor with photo-tags from all the places we visited
#08 Do a picnic or BBQ at the beach
# 09 Learn some basics of the Russian language
#10 Throw a Mexican party at home


#11 Refresh my knowledge of the French language
#12 Do a hiking tour in the mountains at Tiriolo
#13 Do a liqueur of our fresh oranges
#14 Do an arm-knitted blanket for the couch
#15 Build a big playground for the cockatiels


#16 Create a seahorse-wall art out of driftwood
#17 Decorate the aquarium in a new way
#18 Create some DIY jewellery
#19 Pass a whole day in a spa
#20 Do homemade vegetable broth mix for cooking


#21 Buy some indoor plants and work on my “green thumb” (that at the moment is deep black)
#22 Visit an amusement park
#23 Discover at least 2 new places in Calabria
#24 Go to a concert
#25 Throw a brunch at home


#26 Make colorful macarons
#27 Do something charitable
#28 Sell old stuff on ebay
#29 Create a gallery wall in the living room


Yey, that’s it … a lot of things but I am really looking forward to realize all these points! Of course, things must not be done by the order of the list, it is absolutely casual.

What do you think about this idea?! Let me know in the comments if you like it or maybe if you already wrote a list like this yourself!

Tanti saluti and a happy day,



4 thoughts on “Birthdaychallenge “29 before 30” … let it be a year full of happy moments!

  1. Great plans Julia! It is good to have a plan…but hard to stick to it. Don’t be disappointed with yourself if you don’t get it all done. I love #1 on your list. I have tried #6…it did not last long:) but it was fun to do.


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