Julia loves … MissJenFabulous {Nail Art Tutorials & Inspiration}

Buongiorno a tutti, a happy hello to all of you!

I don’t know if it is only me, but in January I sometimes feel some kind of “emptiness” in my head regarding home decoration, fashion and so on … Christmas passed by, it is still wintertime but everybody wants the summer to come. I do not want to have snowflakes all over anymore, but it is still too early to exchange them with starfish…

Do you know what I do in these moments?! I just don’t mind that it is still January and bring some color in my life – preferably on my nails!

Who knows me knows also that I am a nail polish junkie! I love to change the color of my nails every 2-3 days and the period when I could not use bright colors on my nails while I was working was really hard! I even have a little obsession: The nail polish has to be the same on fingers and toes and it has to match with the color of my clothes. I am able to re-paint my nails just because the color does not fit with the dress I want to wear! But let’s not talk too much about my obessions… ;)

What I want to recommend to you today, is the blog and the YouTube Channel of Jenny Fox, known as MissJenFabulous. She does some of the best and easiest nail art tutorials I’ve ever seen and nearly all of her creations can also be used if your nails are quite short!




Get the detailed tutorials right here: Dots-NailArt, Pink-Tribal-NailArt, Blue-to-Pink-NailArt, Pastel-Gold-NailArt, Ikat-Print-NailArt, Gold-Stripe-NailArt, Galaxy-NailArt.

Isn’t it incredible how easy you can achieve an amazing effect?! Have a look right here for this great Polka-Dot-NailArt! I think it would also be great using bright colors, or maybe only on one nail?!


These nail designs just scream “SUMMER & HAPPINESS”, don’t they?!

As next month there will be Valentine’s Day, of course there are also some ideas according to this:



On her blog and YouTube-Channel there are tons of amazing tutorials, just check them out and color up your nails and life!

Have fun,



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