Elegant Gift Wrapping for Wedding & Christening {Hochzeit und Taufe}

A happy hello to all of you – Buongiorno a tutti!


I love making gifts and I love to wrap them, but sometimes you do not only need a creative idea to wrap a gift, but a really elegant one, for example for a wedding! It could seem difficult and elaborate, but this is absolutely not what it is!

What I wanted to create was a playful and in the same time elegant gift wrapping based on the colours white  and pink – it is really easy and amazingly fast!

Let’s have a look on what you need:


White wrapping paper, self-adhesive diamonds, artificial flowers (the ones I used had a clip on the backside), transparent fabric (I used the rest of a curtain), hot-melt gun (to fix the fabric), purple ribbon for the christening gifts – and that’s it!


Elegant Wedding gift wrapping – How To:

1: As first step I wrapped all items in simple white paper to cover the packaging.

2: Then I wrapped the boxes with the fabric as described in this tutorial. I used a double layer of the fabric and I even took some more fabric than needed to create crinkles and gathers which I fixed with the hot-melt gun. To hide the glue as well as the knots I used the white roses and some colored flowers – with the clip on the backside this was more than easy!

3: To give a final highlight to the presents I used the self-adhesive diamonds – I had as well diamonds as pearls and I really like the final result!








What do you think? Do you like this idea?

As we have not only been invited for the Wedding but also the Christening of two lovely twin sisters some more presents had to be wrapped! Of course for the babies I wanted a more colorful wrap.

The pink and purple wrapping paper I had was perfect for this, as I could wrap the gifts differently but within the same color scheme! As decoration I simply used the initial letters of their names, which can be used also as decoartion for the nursery!


For the third package I chose once more the self-adhesive diamonds, this time pink ones, and a little guardian angel – I really like this straight way of gift wrapping that is as well simple as playful and inventive! A selfmade greeting card … and we have finished!



As I told you – it did not take much time to wrap all the gifts, after 1 hour everything was done! Did you recognize that you do not need to have thousands of materials and a lot of time – it is the simple things that make a gift wrap special, and I think the presentee appreciates the love you put in the wrapping!

I hope I could give you an inspiration to create your own elegant gift wrapping – have fun and let creativity flow!

Tanti saluti,



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