The most wonderful time of the year … Christmas moved into our home! {Christmas Decoration 2014}


Ho ho ho…hello to all of you!

Yes, ok … I know … it is nothing new that Christmas is near! Onestly I decorated our home already on the 26th of November as it is the tradition in Germany to do it on the first Sunday of Advent… but the proverb says “better late than never” and so I show you our Christmas decoration right now!

Our whole appartment is quite bright and there is a lot of white everywhere … so also for the Christmas decoration I chose this color together with silver and many natural materials. But of course some highlight in red must not be missed, as this is THE color for Christmas!

To cut a long story short … just enjoy our personal Winter Wonderland! Maybe there is some inspiration for your own decoration?!




Of course some wallart with masking tape is not missing! I did the deer already last year and I still adore it!



One item I really love are these vintage scales my grandmother had in her kitchen. Thank you so much granny for making me this fabulous gift! Now they are an inherent part of our kitchen and according to the season they change their “outfit”!


I was born in Zwickau, a town in the Eastern part of Germany near a mountainous region called “Erzgebirge” – there are a lot of craftsman assembling traditional Christmas decorations such as pyramids, nutcrackers and “smokers”. Of course some of these traditional items moved also into our Italian house!

If there is the German tradition, the Italian one must not be missing! Here we go with our nativity:

The last part of our Christmas decoration I want to show you is a very special one – the first “Christmas Tree” we had in our appartment! This bonsai olive tree stays with us already for 3 years (may because Daniele is looking after him?!) and I really love its aspect with the ornaments and lights!


As we will pass Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Germany we decided not hava a real Christmas Tree this year, but as we have this cute guy and the masking-tape one the wall I do not miss anything!

How did you decorate you home this year? Is it also white or do you prefer bright and shining colors such as red and green?

Tanti saluti and a relaxed 3rd Sunday of  Advent tomorrow,







2 thoughts on “The most wonderful time of the year … Christmas moved into our home! {Christmas Decoration 2014}

  1. Das ist ja wieder herzzerreißend, voll cool gemacht. Nur der geschummelte Tannenbaum als Pinienzweige ist mir aufgefallen.

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