You run late?! Relax, here is the fastes DIY Advent Calendar ever!

Buongiorno and hello to all of you!

Around Christmas there is not only the stress to get all presents and to wrap them … the chaos starts even earlier: with the Advent Calendar! I already showed you a lot of inspiration and a DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar and today I have the fastest one ever for you … just lean back and relax!

It absolutely is the right thing for everybody who wants a DIY one for his own and also for the whole family – yes, right: you can use this 1 Advent Calendar for more than 1 person and you will even have a great “after-Christmas-gift” after 24th of December!

The only things you need are a pen and 24 Christmas cards or photos with scenes of wintertime and Christmas as well as 24 envelopes. If you are really late just use white paper!


I am sure that there will be a lot of things coming to you mind if you think about Christmas, Advent and wintertime … do a little brainstorming and choose 24 words to this topic. It must not be only nouns, it could also be adjectives. If I think about it there are immediately words like these in my mind:

lights, red, ice, snowflake, candles, coziness, winter wonderland, fir sprigs, Christmas tree, nativity, tradition, cookies, Christmas Market, hot, … and there are many many more! If you do not make to 24 just get some inspiration here.

To finish the Calendar write one word on every card, put them in the envelopes and add the numbers from 1-24 to them – mission completed!! Really fast, right?!

And how does it work? Nothing easier than this! Everyday you and/or your loved ones open one envelope and everybody has to take a photo according to the given topic! You can collect the photos in iClound, Dropbox, on the computer or simply get them via mail or whatsapp if somebody lives far away. On 24th of December you can create an awesome collage of all the photos … I think it is great to see how everybody interprets the topics and how the different persons see the Advent time! If you have small children maybe you just explain the topic to them and take a photo together!


I really love this idea and I am looking forward to do this with my family this year – happy Advent time to you, enjoy the cozy evenings, long winter walks and a lot of cups of hot chocolate – and of course stay up to date on CalabrianSunshine as there will be an Advent Calendar also here with a lot of Christmas Inspiration!

Tanti saluti,





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