Merry Monday {03} – Natural Christmas Decoration

Christmas-Inspiration-Merry-MondayHello hello, buongiorno a tutti!

Today is the last Monday of November, so it is also the last Merry Monday on Calabrian Sunshine. After ideas for Coastal Christmas Decoration and Inspiration for a Black & White Advent today it is time for some more traditional way to decorate: Natural Christmas Decoration!

As we all know Christmas is Jesus, is the Nativity … and everything took place in a small stable between hay, straw and animals! I really like the idea to remember the origins of Christmas using many natural materials to decorate … there is so much stuff around us, just think of pinecones, wood and fir sprigs!

If you like this idea, have fun looking at my collection of natural decoration ideas for Christmas! Let’s start with some gorgeous ideas for Advent wreaths that, even if they are made with traditional material, look very modern!


The wooden bundle is from here, the second one with pinecones and stars is from here, the one made of a piece of driftwood you can find here and the amazing and elegant wreath with moss and perls is from here.

The next idea for a natural Christmas Decoration is from and I just adore it! So easy, so simple, but so full of atmosphere!


There are also great ways to decorate your Christmas Tree in a natural way:


The ornaments with fir sprigs are amazing, aren’t they? I also like the Christmas tree decorated with many wooden elements very much – this idea is from here and the pinecone-ornament from here.

In my opinion white is the best color to combine natural materials and wood as it becomes very elegant in this way! But of course there are so so many ways to decorate in thousands of ways…


The branches with the cute stars are from here. The star made of fir sprigs is from here, the wooden Christmas garland from here, the driftwood star from here and the minimalist garland with the golden hearts is from here.

I am really in love with all these great decorations, but the thing I love the most is the incredible smell natural decoration can bring in your house! Immagine the perfume of fresh fir sprigs … and of oranges … speaking of oranges … there is this an old tradition that is very beautiful and that makes your whole home smell like Christmas! Just make a bundle of dried orange slices and cinnamon as ornaments for your Christmas tree (picture from here) or decorate an orange with cloves (picture from here) … this is amazing and really good looking!


As usual you can find all these ideas on my Pinterest-Board … there is also much more inspiration for you!

As this is the last Merry Monday, I would love to know which one of the themes for Christmas decoration is your favorite one?! Would you let me know?!

I wish you an inspiring Merry Monday!

Tanti saluti,






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