DIY Advent Calendar – Christmas Tree Tutorial

Hello there, buongiorno a tutti!

December is drawing near and so I took some time during the last days to do an Advent Calendar for us – I told you I cannot live without during Christmas time! First of all I wanted to create kind of a Winter Wonderland with trees and giant snowballs, but then I had another idea: as we will not be at home at Christmas I decided not to have a real Christmas tree this year – so let’s draw the curtain for my DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar!


I seems more complex than it actually is so let’s directly go to the material you need:


The first thing you have to do is to create the structure of the tree. I divided the wooden rod Daniele divided the wooden rod into 5 pieces – one of 100cm which will be the trunk and the other ones as follows: 80cm, 60cm, 40cm and 20cm.
Then just fix the small rods on the trunk, I chose a space of 20cm between the single rods and we fixed each of them with 2 small nails. Afterwards use the spray paint and give a metallic look to your tree. Of course you can also paint it white, red or whatever color you like!


No we pass on to the more creative part of the tutorial – the bags and the decoration! I folded 24 bags out of the packing paper (I like the natural color of this material) using the size of A5 for each bag and following the instructions of Nähmarie.

Then I decorated them with little green trees, silver stars, brilliants, snow flakes and so on, added a ribbon and the numbers and … *drum roll* … we are ready! To fix the tree I just put it into a flower pot with walnuts to give some stability and that’s it!




Did you already finish this years Advent Calendar? I am so happy about it … but ok, it still has to pass some days in the storage room until the 1st of December, then it will get its place in living room to sweeten our Advent time!


Have a nice Advent time! And for all of you that want a selfmade calendar but with only a little effort just wait some days, I have the fastest Last-Minute-Advent-Calendar for you … stay up to date on the blog!

Tanti saluti,




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