The Countdown for Christmas – DIY Advent Calendars


Hello, hello – buongiorno a tutti!

One more day of typical autumn weather … this means: one more day to drink a tea or a hot chocolate and to slowly start the preparations of Christmas!

For as long as I can remember, I had (at least) 1 Advent Calendar to sweeten the time until Christmas – and I loved them! The tradition of these special calendars goes back to the 19th century – traditionally they start with the 1st of December and mark the 24 days until Christmas. I did a little research with my dear friend “Google” and onestly the result is not that surprising: It has been Germans to create the first Advent Calendars! Of course there was no chocolate or little present, they just made chalk marks on doors to count the days leading up to Christmas and they also used candles that have been burned down only a little bit every day. Now I understand why this tradition is not common in Italy…


Nevertheless I love Advent Calendars and I cannot immagine a Christmas without them! My favorite ones are definitely the handmade calendars my Mom prepared for me every year – there were small bags, pouches, boxes or socks filled with lovely things like sweets, nail polish, chewing gum, jewelry and much more and I really appreciate the love she put into these calendars every year! Growing up, I do them myself – every year it has to be another kind of Calendar and most of the times I just mix up different ideas to create our personal and unique Advent Calendar!

Today is the 13th of November … 17 days to go for the 1st of December: The perfect time to start thinking about this years Advent Calendar and today I want to share my inspiration with you! Maybe you want to treat you loved ones with 24 little gifts during December? Of course there are complexe and expensive ways to to an Advent Calendar, but there are also really cute ones, that do not need much money and time and I assure you that your family will love them!! Pay attention: It could be that they pretend a Calendar every single year if they like the first one! ;) (No, I am not one of these, right Mom?!)

Here we go with some awesome Advent Calendar inspiration …

The first idea is very close to the first calendars of the 19th century – no sweets, no chocolate, but a simple countdown to Christmas. A branch with a belt made out of wooden beads, this is a great idea for people like me that love natural materials! Just click on the photo to get the link!


If this was to easy and simple for you, what do you think about the following calendars?


The gorgeous wings of  an angel you I found here. The Christmas Tree with small wooden boxes is from here and the reindeer is from here. Gorgeous, aren’t they?

My favorites for this year are the following ones and I think I will do as usual: Our Calendar 2014 will be a mix out of different ideas and for sure I will add some activities like “watch a Christmas movie” or “read the nativity story” – I think this should be the spirit of Christmas: Doing something together with your loved ones enjoying the cozy and relaxed atmosphere!


I adore the idea of selfmade gingerbread cookies for the numbers and I also like mixing up traditional items like the trees with modern geometric shapes as the diamonds are … I am really curious what will be the result at the end! Maybe a winter wonderland with trees and diamonds that look like snowballs?!

There are even very funny and particular ideas as well as very traditional ones … just have a look at my collection of advent calendar ideas right here!

There is one more kind of advent calendar that I really love – it is a book telling the story of a young boy that finds an old magic advent calendar full of misterious letters. Actually the book is tellung the Nativity Story in an awesome way. There are 24 chapters so it is perfect as calendar to be read every day with your family! It is available in different languages – click here for the German, Italian or English version!

JosteinGaarder-The Christmas Mystery - Das Weihnachtsgeheimnis - Il viaggio di Elisabet

What about your Christmas traditions? Are Advent Calendars one of them? I hope you found some inspiration for your own calendar to make the time of advent even more special and to have something to be curious and happy every single day! Or you even have other great ideas of how to  realize and advent calendar?

Enjoy your day – tanti saluti,




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