#31 days … this was our October

Buongiorno a tutti, hello to everybody!

Wow … one more month passed by, Christmas is coming nearer and nearer, I started to drink hot tea and to use our fireplace in the evening … but October also blessed us with great sunshine and a late summer feeling! But let’s have a closer look – in October…

… we have been wakened by this sweet face and went on sunny morningwalks along the lonesome beach …


… enjoyed the last relaxed excursions of Calabria Sport Fishing’s summer season 2014  …


… we spent a fantastic time with my parents (why days pass by so fast?!?) …


… celebrated a great wedding & christening of dear friends …

… we finally took the baby home (YEAH!) …


… yummy BBQ’s with family & friends were never missing …


… we enjoyed the sunny weather to the full discovering beautiful new spots


… we were present when tiny little turtles were born at the beach in front of our house …


… I finally got the time to decorate our home for fall


… Iron showed you that a natural paradise could be right behind the next corner …


… and I had my last working day at the airport – even if I will miss my colleagues, I am really looking forward to the new adventure that is going to start!


How was your October? What have been your happy moments of this month?

Tanti saluti,







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