You run late?! Relax, here is the fastes DIY Advent Calendar ever!

Buongiorno and hello to all of you!

Around Christmas there is not only the stress to get all presents and to wrap them … the chaos starts even earlier: with the Advent Calendar! I already showed you a lot of inspiration and a DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar and today I have the fastest one ever for you … just lean back and relax!

It absolutely is the right thing for everybody who wants a DIY one for his own and also for the whole family – yes, right: you can use this 1 Advent Calendar for more than 1 person and you will even have a great “after-Christmas-gift” after 24th of December!

The only things you need are a pen and 24 Christmas cards or photos with scenes of wintertime and Christmas as well as 24 envelopes. If you are really late just use white paper!


I am sure that there will be a lot of things coming to you mind if you think about Christmas, Advent and wintertime … do a little brainstorming and choose 24 words to this topic. It must not be only nouns, it could also be adjectives. If I think about it there are immediately words like these in my mind:

lights, red, ice, snowflake, candles, coziness, winter wonderland, fir sprigs, Christmas tree, nativity, tradition, cookies, Christmas Market, hot, … and there are many many more! If you do not make to 24 just get some inspiration here.

To finish the Calendar write one word on every card, put them in the envelopes and add the numbers from 1-24 to them – mission completed!! Really fast, right?!

And how does it work? Nothing easier than this! Everyday you and/or your loved ones open one envelope and everybody has to take a photo according to the given topic! You can collect the photos in iClound, Dropbox, on the computer or simply get them via mail or whatsapp if somebody lives far away. On 24th of December you can create an awesome collage of all the photos … I think it is great to see how everybody interprets the topics and how the different persons see the Advent time! If you have small children maybe you just explain the topic to them and take a photo together!


I really love this idea and I am looking forward to do this with my family this year – happy Advent time to you, enjoy the cozy evenings, long winter walks and a lot of cups of hot chocolate – and of course stay up to date on CalabrianSunshine as there will be an Advent Calendar also here with a lot of Christmas Inspiration!

Tanti saluti,




Merry Monday {03} – Natural Christmas Decoration

Christmas-Inspiration-Merry-MondayHello hello, buongiorno a tutti!

Today is the last Monday of November, so it is also the last Merry Monday on Calabrian Sunshine. After ideas for Coastal Christmas Decoration and Inspiration for a Black & White Advent today it is time for some more traditional way to decorate: Natural Christmas Decoration!

As we all know Christmas is Jesus, is the Nativity … and everything took place in a small stable between hay, straw and animals! I really like the idea to remember the origins of Christmas using many natural materials to decorate … there is so much stuff around us, just think of pinecones, wood and fir sprigs!

If you like this idea, have fun looking at my collection of natural decoration ideas for Christmas! Let’s start with some gorgeous ideas for Advent wreaths that, even if they are made with traditional material, look very modern!


The wooden bundle is from here, the second one with pinecones and stars is from here, the one made of a piece of driftwood you can find here and the amazing and elegant wreath with moss and perls is from here.

The next idea for a natural Christmas Decoration is from and I just adore it! So easy, so simple, but so full of atmosphere!


There are also great ways to decorate your Christmas Tree in a natural way:


The ornaments with fir sprigs are amazing, aren’t they? I also like the Christmas tree decorated with many wooden elements very much – this idea is from here and the pinecone-ornament from here.

In my opinion white is the best color to combine natural materials and wood as it becomes very elegant in this way! But of course there are so so many ways to decorate in thousands of ways…


The branches with the cute stars are from here. The star made of fir sprigs is from here, the wooden Christmas garland from here, the driftwood star from here and the minimalist garland with the golden hearts is from here.

I am really in love with all these great decorations, but the thing I love the most is the incredible smell natural decoration can bring in your house! Immagine the perfume of fresh fir sprigs … and of oranges … speaking of oranges … there is this an old tradition that is very beautiful and that makes your whole home smell like Christmas! Just make a bundle of dried orange slices and cinnamon as ornaments for your Christmas tree (picture from here) or decorate an orange with cloves (picture from here) … this is amazing and really good looking!


As usual you can find all these ideas on my Pinterest-Board … there is also much more inspiration for you!

As this is the last Merry Monday, I would love to know which one of the themes for Christmas decoration is your favorite one?! Would you let me know?!

I wish you an inspiring Merry Monday!

Tanti saluti,





DIY Advent Calendar – Christmas Tree Tutorial

Hello there, buongiorno a tutti!

December is drawing near and so I took some time during the last days to do an Advent Calendar for us – I told you I cannot live without during Christmas time! First of all I wanted to create kind of a Winter Wonderland with trees and giant snowballs, but then I had another idea: as we will not be at home at Christmas I decided not to have a real Christmas tree this year – so let’s draw the curtain for my DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar!


I seems more complex than it actually is so let’s directly go to the material you need:


The first thing you have to do is to create the structure of the tree. I divided the wooden rod Daniele divided the wooden rod into 5 pieces – one of 100cm which will be the trunk and the other ones as follows: 80cm, 60cm, 40cm and 20cm.
Then just fix the small rods on the trunk, I chose a space of 20cm between the single rods and we fixed each of them with 2 small nails. Afterwards use the spray paint and give a metallic look to your tree. Of course you can also paint it white, red or whatever color you like!


No we pass on to the more creative part of the tutorial – the bags and the decoration! I folded 24 bags out of the packing paper (I like the natural color of this material) using the size of A5 for each bag and following the instructions of Nähmarie.

Then I decorated them with little green trees, silver stars, brilliants, snow flakes and so on, added a ribbon and the numbers and … *drum roll* … we are ready! To fix the tree I just put it into a flower pot with walnuts to give some stability and that’s it!




Did you already finish this years Advent Calendar? I am so happy about it … but ok, it still has to pass some days in the storage room until the 1st of December, then it will get its place in living room to sweeten our Advent time!


Have a nice Advent time! And for all of you that want a selfmade calendar but with only a little effort just wait some days, I have the fastest Last-Minute-Advent-Calendar for you … stay up to date on the blog!

Tanti saluti,



Merry Monday {02} – Christmas Black & White

Christmas-Inspiration-Merry-MondayHello hello, buongiorno a tutti!

One more Monday … one more Merry Monday! Today I have some inspiration for Christmas decorations for everybody who does not like too much color – trust me, it is really cozy and stylish anyqay!

Our Christmas decoration of last year was Black & White and I loved it! I got much inspiration from my Pinterest-Board, but unfotunately I did not take even one picture …

But let’s get started and have a look at these gorgeous interior ideas:

Christmas-Decoration-Black-White-wreath-starsThe great white wreath is from Liebesbotschaft, the upcycling Advent wreath from here and the tutorial for the white vase you can find here.

Of course also the Christmas tree can be black and white … I think this is an amazing way to decorate the tree as it reminds me of the white snow on the green branches …

Christmas-Decoration-Black-White-Christmast-tree-ornamentsHere we got with the links for you to get inspired: The star ornaments are from here, the stars and hearts from here, the typical scandinavian decoration is from here and the funny snowman from here!

There are also some really nice illustrations that fit perfectly into this theme!


You can get the Fröhliche-Weihnachten-Ornament here, the Tannenbaum-Triangles here, here it is cold outside (psst there are much more great prints and illustrations following this link!!) and the magic winter wonderland is from here.

Black and white are only two “colors”, but there are so many ways to create a cozy Christmas atmosphere with them! You can get all the links by clicking on the photo or you jump over to my Pinterest-Board abour Black White Christmas Decoration and you can discover even more ideas!





At the end I have a great idea for the Nativity for all of you, that like a minimal style – have a look at this awesome idea:


Unfortunately I cannot give you any link as the girl who postet this Nativity closed her blog (it was called Dekotankte-Rock my Home).

What do you think about a Black & White Christmas? Would it suit for you or do you love bright colors? I think it is a great idea to try something new within traditional surroundings!

I wish you an inspiring Merry Monday!

Tanti saluti,





The Countdown for Christmas – DIY Advent Calendars


Hello, hello – buongiorno a tutti!

One more day of typical autumn weather … this means: one more day to drink a tea or a hot chocolate and to slowly start the preparations of Christmas!

For as long as I can remember, I had (at least) 1 Advent Calendar to sweeten the time until Christmas – and I loved them! The tradition of these special calendars goes back to the 19th century – traditionally they start with the 1st of December and mark the 24 days until Christmas. I did a little research with my dear friend “Google” and onestly the result is not that surprising: It has been Germans to create the first Advent Calendars! Of course there was no chocolate or little present, they just made chalk marks on doors to count the days leading up to Christmas and they also used candles that have been burned down only a little bit every day. Now I understand why this tradition is not common in Italy…


Nevertheless I love Advent Calendars and I cannot immagine a Christmas without them! My favorite ones are definitely the handmade calendars my Mom prepared for me every year – there were small bags, pouches, boxes or socks filled with lovely things like sweets, nail polish, chewing gum, jewelry and much more and I really appreciate the love she put into these calendars every year! Growing up, I do them myself – every year it has to be another kind of Calendar and most of the times I just mix up different ideas to create our personal and unique Advent Calendar!

Today is the 13th of November … 17 days to go for the 1st of December: The perfect time to start thinking about this years Advent Calendar and today I want to share my inspiration with you! Maybe you want to treat you loved ones with 24 little gifts during December? Of course there are complexe and expensive ways to to an Advent Calendar, but there are also really cute ones, that do not need much money and time and I assure you that your family will love them!! Pay attention: It could be that they pretend a Calendar every single year if they like the first one! ;) (No, I am not one of these, right Mom?!)

Here we go with some awesome Advent Calendar inspiration …

The first idea is very close to the first calendars of the 19th century – no sweets, no chocolate, but a simple countdown to Christmas. A branch with a belt made out of wooden beads, this is a great idea for people like me that love natural materials! Just click on the photo to get the link!


If this was to easy and simple for you, what do you think about the following calendars?


The gorgeous wings of  an angel you I found here. The Christmas Tree with small wooden boxes is from here and the reindeer is from here. Gorgeous, aren’t they?

My favorites for this year are the following ones and I think I will do as usual: Our Calendar 2014 will be a mix out of different ideas and for sure I will add some activities like “watch a Christmas movie” or “read the nativity story” – I think this should be the spirit of Christmas: Doing something together with your loved ones enjoying the cozy and relaxed atmosphere!


I adore the idea of selfmade gingerbread cookies for the numbers and I also like mixing up traditional items like the trees with modern geometric shapes as the diamonds are … I am really curious what will be the result at the end! Maybe a winter wonderland with trees and diamonds that look like snowballs?!

There are even very funny and particular ideas as well as very traditional ones … just have a look at my collection of advent calendar ideas right here!

There is one more kind of advent calendar that I really love – it is a book telling the story of a young boy that finds an old magic advent calendar full of misterious letters. Actually the book is tellung the Nativity Story in an awesome way. There are 24 chapters so it is perfect as calendar to be read every day with your family! It is available in different languages – click here for the German, Italian or English version!

JosteinGaarder-The Christmas Mystery - Das Weihnachtsgeheimnis - Il viaggio di Elisabet

What about your Christmas traditions? Are Advent Calendars one of them? I hope you found some inspiration for your own calendar to make the time of advent even more special and to have something to be curious and happy every single day! Or you even have other great ideas of how to  realize and advent calendar?

Enjoy your day – tanti saluti,




Merry Monday {01} – Coastal Christmas Decoration


Buongiorno, hello to all of you!

Only 7 weeks to go for Christmas!! Can you believe it?! I cannot … at least most of the time! At the moment we have once more a great sunny weather and more than 20°C … but in the late afternoon, when it is getting dark, we are at home and we enjoy some cozy time on the couch with a hot tea and some candle light … yes, then there is already a little bit of this magic of the most wonderful time of the year!

And  these are the moments when I start thinking about the Christmas decoration. During the last years I changed the style of the interior decoration nearly every year … there are so many possibilities and I love to create themes and color schemes for various ideas! To intensify the pleasant anticipation until December, when the period of Christmas really starts, I will share 3 of my favorite “Christmas-Themes” with you during the next 3 weeks! There will be traditional decoration mixed up with natural materials, modern and stylish black&white-decoration and there is also a very special idea – and this will be the first one! Let’s draw the curtain for:


I really like this theme, because living at the sea and loving coastal decoration all over the year, this is the perfect way to combine Christmas with a great beach feeling! With some special tricks like small diamonds it is getting elegant and it is always a very natural way to decorate! What do you think about these ideas for a Coastal Christmas?! Do you love them as much as I do?

Christmas-Coastal-Beachlife-Decoration-2Here we go with the sources of all these great interior decoration ideas: Coral and Deers by Serendipity, colored ornaments by Life on Virginia Street, white ornaments and starfish by Black Point Chic.

There are also beautiful ornaments for your Christmas tree than can be easily handmade! Isn’t it a gorgeous idea to decorate sea shells with diamonds? They become shiny highlights everywhere in your house! I also adore the combination of turquoise, white and silver … this is my alltime favorite! The ornament on the left side can be easily made with the plastic ornaments you can by in every do-it-yourself store, filled with sand, sea shells or other coastal items.

Christmas-Coastal-Beachlife-Ornaments-1As you can see here and here, you can even decorate a whole Christmas tree in a coastal way – so different, but so beautiful!


You do not have to have a traditional Christmas tree at home. With some coastal stuff you can even create a new version of a Christmas tree – the only things you need are some driftwood, sea shells, starfish and your fantasy! You can find the links to these coastal versions of a Christmas tree here on my Pinteres-Board.

Christmas-Coastal-Beachlife-Christmastree-artificialOf course, a Christmas wreath must not be missed – if you want to put it on the wall or on the door or even on the table, the decision is yours! The pictures of these fantastic wreaths are from here and here.


During December I love sending Christmas cards to my family and friends as they live nearly all over the world. Of course these cards have to be special – and, that’s the most important thing: HANDWRITTEN! If you live near the sea as I do, or if you have the possibility to go to a beach or nearby, why don’t you take some Christmas stuff with you, let your creativity flow and do a little photo shooting to create your own, personal and unique Christmas cards to send to your loved ones?! Here are the links to these pictures: 1 – Merry Christmas, 2 – Candy Cane, 3 – Presents & Christmas tree, 4 – Tree made of ornaments and coastal items, 5 – ornaments on the beach.


Do you know what I love most about this idea of a Coastal Christmas? The combination of the colors blue and white – it is elegant and it creates calmness, balance and a peaceful atmosphere … there is nothing else needed for a cozy Christmas time!



Christmas-Coastal-Ornaments-Decoration-3The “Seas and greetings”-sign is from here, the big seashell filled with ornaments from here, the small wooden trees with a starfish on top are from here, the coastal ornaments from here, the writing “Noel” from here, the fantastic blue and white interior is from here and the coastal socks from here.

You can find even more ideas for a Coastal Christmas gathered on my Pinterest-Account!

What do you think about this kind of Christmas Decoration? Can you immagine to do it at home or do you like the traditional colors of Christmas such as red? I adore this idea and next year I will definitely decorate in this way!!

Have a nice start in the week and stay updated for the next Christmas-Inspiration Post on the next Merry-Monday!

Tanti saluti,






Julia loves … #Novemberglück – how to make a grey month more colorful!

A happy hello and buongiorno a tutti!

Do you know what is meant by “November Blues”? Do you know this kind of strange and sad feeling, when you see  the foggy weather outside, the rain, the short days … but hey: Life is as you want to see it! There are also sunny sides of the greyest month of the year – cozy evenings on the couch, roasted chestnuts, the preparations for Christmas, a hot cup of tea to warm your hands and soul … and much more!

Kennt ihr den “November Blues”? Dieses komische Gefühl, ein wenig Traurigkeit, das graue Regenwetter, die kurzen Tage … ABER: Das Leben ist so, wie  du es sehen willst! Es gibt auch sonnige Seiten im grauesten Monat des Jahres – gemütliche Abende auf der Couch, geröstete Kastanien, die Vorbereitungen für Weihnachten und die Adventszeit, eine heiße Tasse Tee die nicht nur die Hände, sondern auch die Seele wärmt … un vieles mehr!

Katha from the blog and Julia of herebybike created a great campaign to bring the nice things of November more to the foreground: #Novemberglück

Katha vom Blo und Julia von herebybike haben eine tolle Aktion ins Leben gerufen, die die schönen Seiten dieses Monats mehr in den Vordergrund rücken soll: #Novemberglück


When I read about it on Katha’s blog I was so enthusiastic! What a great idea to search for the happy moments in a month you maybe do not like that much – and what a fantastic opportunity to get inspired by the happy moments of other people!

Als ich auf Katha’s Blog davon gelesen habe, war ich sofort Feuer und Flamme! Was für eine tolle Idee, sich auf die schönen Momente zu konzentrieren in einem Monat, der vielleicht nicht zu deinen Lieblingen gehört – und es ist einfach toll sich von den schönen Momenten anderer inspirieren lassen zu können!


There are already more than 100 pictures with the hashtag #novemberglueck on Instagram and they are getting more and more – I already become happy if I have a look on them …

Auf Instagram gibt es bereits mehr als 100 Fotos mit dem Hashtag #novemberglück und es werden mehr und mehr! Ich fühle mich schon viel besser, wenn ich diese Posts anschaue …

{1} colored leafes // wunderschöne gefärbte Blätter by Ann-und-fuer-sich & Gesa

{2} selfmade bread // selbstgebackenes Brot by Fee

{3} the bright colors of fall // die strahlenden Herbst-Farben by Janica aka @mrsbonejangles

{4} typical fall cakes like the apple pie // typische Herbst-Desserts wie leckerer Apfelkuchen made by Jutta

{5} long walks through the nature // lange Spaziergänge durch die Natur by Lu, Frollein Pfau and Laura

{6} cozy afternoons with friends // gemütliche Tage mit Freunden by Assata

{7} favorite fall fashion // die Lieblinge für den Herbst by Katha (I love these boots!!!)

{8} a good new book to take a break from you everyday life // ein gutes Buch um dem Alltag ein wenig zu entfliehen by Laura

{9} a yummy hot soup // eine leckere heiße Suppe by Frollein Pfau … how many beautiful things of November!

Es gibt so viele tolle November-Momente!

If you want, just become a part of the campaign and post your pics on Instragram with the hashtag #novemberglueck – let’s make it the nicest and one of the happiest months of the year!

Wenn du auch ein Teil dieser fantastischen Aktion werden willt, poste einfach deine Fotos aus Instagram unter dem Hashtag #novemberglueck – machen wir den November zum schönsten und glücklichsten Monat des Jahres!


Do you want to know what is my personal #novemberglueck of today?! It is a cup of German coffee with milk froth, the dog that warms my feet and the fire in the fireplace … a fall day could not be better than this!

Wollt ihr wissen was heute mein persönliches #novemberglueck ist? Eine Tasse deutscher Kaffee mit Milchschaum, der Hund der meine Füße wärmt und das Feuer im Kamin … schöner kann eine Herbsttag nicht sein!


Have fun sharing your happiness in November and get inspired by all the other snapshots of joy!

Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß dabei, euer Novemberglück weiter zu geben – lasst euch von all den schönen Bildern voller Glück inspirieren!

Tanti saluti,



#31 days … this was our October

Buongiorno a tutti, hello to everybody!

Wow … one more month passed by, Christmas is coming nearer and nearer, I started to drink hot tea and to use our fireplace in the evening … but October also blessed us with great sunshine and a late summer feeling! But let’s have a closer look – in October…

… we have been wakened by this sweet face and went on sunny morningwalks along the lonesome beach …


… enjoyed the last relaxed excursions of Calabria Sport Fishing’s summer season 2014  …


… we spent a fantastic time with my parents (why days pass by so fast?!?) …


… celebrated a great wedding & christening of dear friends …

… we finally took the baby home (YEAH!) …


… yummy BBQ’s with family & friends were never missing …


… we enjoyed the sunny weather to the full discovering beautiful new spots


… we were present when tiny little turtles were born at the beach in front of our house …


… I finally got the time to decorate our home for fall


… Iron showed you that a natural paradise could be right behind the next corner …


… and I had my last working day at the airport – even if I will miss my colleagues, I am really looking forward to the new adventure that is going to start!


How was your October? What have been your happy moments of this month?

Tanti saluti,






Wanderlust vs. Nostalgia ** Germany vs. Italy

Buongiorno, a happy hello to all of you!

Sabine vom Blog Ferngeweht hat dazu aufgerufen, sich einmal Gedanken über genau das zu machen, was jeder von uns in sich trägt und was je nach Person mal mehr und mal weniger zum Vorschein kommt:

Sabine asked on her Blog “Ferngeweht”, what a special feeling, that everybody of us has inside, means to us – according to the person this emotion becomes stronger from time to time or even more often:


Für mich persönlich hat sich die Bedeutung von Fernweh in den letzten Jahren eindeutig sehr verändert! Während meiner Schulzeit und der Ausbildung bin ich sehr viel gereist, sodass aufkommendes Fernweh immer recht schnell gestillt wurde.  Von Sommerurlauben auf Mallorca und in der Türkei über Städtetrips nach London, Paris und New York bis hin zu Skiurlauben und Wochenendtrips in die nähere Umgebung war alles dabei. Meine absoluten Lieblingsziele sind noch heute der Skiort Stuben am Arlberg, der in den letzten 24 Jahren fast mein zweites Zuhause geworden ist sowie Südafrika – ich war bereits zwei mal in diesem atemberaubenden Land und möchte defintiv wieder hin!

For me personally, the meaning of Wanderlust or the so called „Travel Bug“ changed a lot during the last years! When I went to school and even during university time I travelled a lot as well with my family as with friends. Summer holidays on Mallorca and in Turkey, city trips to London, Paris and New York, winter holidays for skiing in Austria, and much more! My favourite spots are definitely the tiny town of Stuben am Arlberg where we go for skiing since I was 4 years old and also South Africa – I have been there already 2 times and there will be for sure a 3rd one!




Wie gesagt, hat sich die Bedeutung des Begriffes Fernweh in den letzten Jahren für mich persönlich verändert und das eigentlich recht radikal. Nach meiner Ausbildung habe ich in einem Reisebüro gearbeitet – so viel Fernweh wie hier hatte ich glaube ich nie. Klar, wenn man den ganzen Tag Kataloge wälzt und tolle Angebote in aller Welt zusammenstellt!

Nach 6 Monaten habe ich allerdings ein anderes Jobangebot angenommen und seitdem lebe ich in Kalabrien … in einer wunderschönen Urlaubsregion, meine Wohnung ist nur 200m vom Meer entfernt … da gibt es so gut wie kein Fernweh, denn wenn man die Mittagspause am kristallklaren türkisblauen Meer verbringen kann, ist man bereits im Paradies!

As I already said, the meaning of wanderlust, the longing for the faraway, changed a lot for me during the last years. After I finished university I started working in a travel agency – I think I never felt so much wanderlust as in these times. I’m sure you can imagine that, as I was searching for special offers and beautiful hotels all over the world – the whole day!

After 6 months I accepted a new job offer and since April 2007 I live in Southern Italy, in Calabria … in a fantastic holiday destination, my house is only a stone’s throw away from the cristal clear turquoise Mediterranean Sea … here you do not feel wanderlust, because if you can pass your lunch break at the beach you are already in paradise!




Mein Fernweh hat sich eher in Heimweh umgewandelt, denn durch meine Arbeit im Tourismus ist es in den Sommermonaten von März bis November fast unmöglich nach Deutschland zu fahren und ich vermisse meine Familie natürlich! Im Herbst werden dann also die Koffer gepackt und es geht für eine Weile nach Deutschland – und hier?! Hier kommt ein neus Gefühl ins Spiel – Fern-Heim-Weh!! Es ist wirklich komisch, aber wenn ich in Italien bin fehlt mir Deutschland…das Organisierte, die stimmungsvolle Vorweihnachtszeit, der Schnee im Winter, Rouladen und Klöße und vieles mehr. Wenn ich dann allerdings in Deutschland bin, fehlt mir Kalabrien, das Meer, die langen Strandspaziergänge, leckere Pasta und frischer Fisch, die Menschen, die Sonne … was ein Durcheinander! 

So my wanderlust has been replaced by nostalgia, because working in the tourism sector it is nearly impossible to get some freetime to travel to Germany during the summer months from March to November and of course I miss my family! As soon as autumn arrives we go to spend some time in Germany – and what happens there?! Being there a new feeling comes along: wanderlust mixed up with nostalgia! Let’s call it wanderalgia! ;) It is really strange, but when I am in Italy I miss Germany … the good organisation of everything, the atmosphere around Christmas, the snow, typical dishes such as “Rouladen” and “Klöße” and much more. But then, when I am in Germany, I start missing Italy … the sea, the long beach walks, the yummy pasta, fresh fish, the people, the sun … what a chaos!




Ist vielleicht auch unter euch jemand der eine zweite Heimat hat und dieses Hin und Her der Gefühle kennt? Wie geht ihr damit um? Wo seid ihr am Liebsten?

Ich glaube ich könnte das nicht entscheiden, am allerbesten wäre eine Mischung aus Deutschland und Kalabrien … zum Beispiel ein sauberes kleines Fischerdorf direkt am Meer, in dem es Mülltrennung und gut funktionierende öffentliche Verkehrsmittel gibt, in dem die Sonne an 350 Tagen im Jahr scheint und es zwei Wochen im Jahr richtig viel schneit, in dem im Sommer die Einwohner über die Piazza schlendern und leckeres italienisches Eis essen und im Dezember schlendern sie über die gleiche Piazza die sich in einen tollen Weihnachtsmarkt mit Glühwein und Bratwürsten verwandelt … ja, ich glaube das wäre meine Traumheimat in der ich vielleicht auch kein Fernweh und kein Heimweh mehr hätte … oder vielleicht nur ein kleines bisschen … nach Südafrika, und der Karibik, und so… ;)

Is there anybody else out there who knows this chaos of feelings? Wanderlust vs. Nostalgia? What is you favorite place to stay?

I think I could not decide whether to stay in Calabria or in Germany, the best solution would be a mix of these 2 places … for example a tidy little fishing village at the sea, where the waste separation is normal and where you have a functional system of public transport as well as a functional health care, where the sun shines 350 days a year and for two weeks during the winter time there is a lot of snow, a village where the people maunder around the square in summer to have an ice cream and in December the same square becomes a great and cozy Christmas Market where you can taste hot spiced wine and German sausages … yes, I think this would be the perfect place to live in for me … here I would not feel any wanderlust or nostalgia … or maybe only a little bit … because I would like to go to South Africa, or to the Caribbean … ;)

Tanti saluti,