New Interior Decoration – Fall is in the House!

Hello everybody, buongiorno a tutti!

after a little holiday break! I will tell you more about these “holidays at home” during the next days because we lived to see so many fantastic things and explored new spots in our neighbourhood!

Today let’s talk about Fall – do you remember my Fall Inspiration-Post? On Pinterest I found so many beautiful things to realize at home and yesterday I finally had some time to have a look on the material I had and on the gorgeous colored  leaves my Mom brought for me from Germany.


I just took everything, put it on the table in the kitchen and started to create some fall atmosphere! As I wrote in the Inspiration-Post I do not like too much orange in the interior decoration so I just used natural materials and focused on only a few things with the typical fall color!



My favorites are definitely the beuatiful shining leaves! Here in Calabria there is no fall as I know it! In Germany I love walking through the forest looking on the leaves that have all colors from yellow to red … here they just get brown, what a pity! But now I have these nice colors directly inside the house which is also great!



With all these beautiful items at home it is getting easier to support the short days as it is simply fantastic to have a look at the candles and the colors around us! And I am really looking forward to start using the fireplace during cold evenings…I just love this cosiness!


What about your fall decoration? Did you bring the autumn atmosphere in your home or do you want to keep the summer as long as possible?

Tanti saluti,





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