#Ironthedog about a hidden paradise

Whoof whoof, buongiorno – it’s me, Iron!

I hope all of you feel as good as I do, because I really enjoy the fresh air of October!


As Julia and Daniele have more free time to spend with me now, during the last days we did a tour to a beautiful lake. It is situated only 2km from our home and it is a real oasis! You see, I am not only a dog but also a tour guide who shows you a beautiful destinations that nearly nobody knows!


The lake called “Lago Angitola” is an artificial lake that has been “created” by building a dam at the Angitola River just a few km before it flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea in 1966. To reach it you just have to follow the signs “Serra San Bruno” from the main road of the Tyrrhenian Sea (SS18) at the highway exit Pizzo Calabro. Follow this street for 1km until you reach the tuna factory Callipo – there is a small agrarian street that turns to the left and that brings you directly to the lake.


With a surface of 1,96 square km the “Lake Angitola” is quite big and in 1975 it became a WWF World Wide Fund Oasi where the alternation of landscapes creates a wealth of unique biodiversity. There are many many species of birds and so it is a really interesting place to visit not only for nature lovers but also for people interested in biology and ornithology!

Beeing a WWF Oasi it is forbidden to swim in the lake but you can do fantastic walks along its shore enjoying the nature!


A really nice idea would be to pack some yummy food and a blanket and to have some picknick there, maybe in between of centuries-old olive trees with a view that could also show a panorama of Tuscany!



The whole time we were there walking around we did not meet anybody besides some sheep and I loved running around exploring the area! There are so many different smells … cows, birds, a fox … and when I was immerged in all these perfumes I heard Daniele talking about wild pigs that he always saw there when he was a young boy – trust me, he did not even finish to talk about these wild pigs when we heard a strange sound … and bammmmm … one of them crossed the path directly in front of us!!! Julia yelled my name but I could not resist, I HAD to follow this huge animal in the coppice! At the end … what can I tell you … the wild pig won the race, but just because it knew the area better than me, otherwise I would have beat it!

After this exciting episode we left the lake behind us climbing up the hills around the lake – from there you do not only have a fantastic panoramic view but there is also a real insider tip to be doscovered! About this, I will tell you the next time!

Now I have to relax from the run with the wild pig and all the new impressions!

Enjoy your day, see you soon!

Tanti saluti,



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