#Insider Tip {Calabria} – The Paradise behind the Train Station

Buongiorno and a happy hello to everybody!

In my last post I told you that during the last week we spent some time on “holiday at home” – my parents visited us and of course we could not stay at home but had to use the fantastic weather to explore some new spots and today I want to share a real insider tip with you!

The Tyrrhenian Coast of Calabria is famous for its rocky cliff line that is interrupted by small bays. There are many of them along the coastline between Pizzo and Capo Vaticano and not for nothing this part of the coast is called “Costa degli Dei”, the “Coast of the Gods”.

Now just close your eyes for one moment, inhale and exhale deeply, immagine a small path that guides you through a lush vegetation …


… amongst the bushes and plants you already hear the sound of the waves and sometimes you see some blue shining through all the green around you …


… then the path descends, there are some steps and it wriggles down the cliff line …


… suddenly the path finishes and the only things you see are the crystal clear turquoise sea, a lonesome bay with white sandy beaches and amazing rock formations … this is a real paradise! And this is exactely what it is called: Paradiso del Sub!




Isn’t it beautiful?! I came here for the first time only one year ago and I immediately fell in love with this place! Did you recognize the strange shape of one of the rocks? It is called “Scoglio del Leone”, “Lion’s Rock” because of its shape that is similar to a lion!


As its name reveals, this bay is a paradise for scuba diving and snorkeling and for the ones that do not like to sunbath for hours there is also the possibility to do a little walk along the coastline that offers a great view along the coast in the Southern direction – you can even see the city of Tropea from here, that is situated on a huge rock directly at the seashore!




Are you wondering how to reach this fantastic place? Don’t worry, it is that simple! Just follow the main road SS18 from Pizzo in the direction of Tropea. You will pass some small towns such as Vibo Marina, Porto Salvo and Briatico and then you reach Zambrone. Directly at the beginning of the town, vis-à-vis the only supermarket, there is a building which is the train station. There is also a small bar in it so you cannot fail. Just leave the car right there (you can park as well on the street as on the parking space on the right site of the train station), but have a look on the signs because some parking spaces are with costs during the summer months.


Then pretend to take the train, cross the line of rails (ATTENTION: be sure that there is no train arriving and cross the line of rails only in the marked passage!) and turn to your right – there is only one path starting at this point, so you simply cannot fail! I recommend sturdy shoes to descend the path, but it is absolutely worth it, even the steeply rising way back is no barrier to come back as soon as possible! And hey, it is only 10-15 minutes!

Once arrived at the sea shore you can decide whether you want to stay in one of the tiny bays on the left or if you would like to cross some more rocks to reach a wide sandy beach on the right – it is entirely up to you!




If you live in Calabria, or if you plan to come here – do not miss this spot and spend some unforgettable hours in this paradise!

Have fun and enjoy your day,


New Interior Decoration – Fall is in the House!

Hello everybody, buongiorno a tutti!

after a little holiday break! I will tell you more about these “holidays at home” during the next days because we lived to see so many fantastic things and explored new spots in our neighbourhood!

Today let’s talk about Fall – do you remember my Fall Inspiration-Post? On Pinterest I found so many beautiful things to realize at home and yesterday I finally had some time to have a look on the material I had and on the gorgeous colored  leaves my Mom brought for me from Germany.


I just took everything, put it on the table in the kitchen and started to create some fall atmosphere! As I wrote in the Inspiration-Post I do not like too much orange in the interior decoration so I just used natural materials and focused on only a few things with the typical fall color!



My favorites are definitely the beuatiful shining leaves! Here in Calabria there is no fall as I know it! In Germany I love walking through the forest looking on the leaves that have all colors from yellow to red … here they just get brown, what a pity! But now I have these nice colors directly inside the house which is also great!



With all these beautiful items at home it is getting easier to support the short days as it is simply fantastic to have a look at the candles and the colors around us! And I am really looking forward to start using the fireplace during cold evenings…I just love this cosiness!


What about your fall decoration? Did you bring the autumn atmosphere in your home or do you want to keep the summer as long as possible?

Tanti saluti,




#Ironthedog about a hidden paradise

Whoof whoof, buongiorno – it’s me, Iron!

I hope all of you feel as good as I do, because I really enjoy the fresh air of October!


As Julia and Daniele have more free time to spend with me now, during the last days we did a tour to a beautiful lake. It is situated only 2km from our home and it is a real oasis! You see, I am not only a dog but also a tour guide who shows you a beautiful destinations that nearly nobody knows!


The lake called “Lago Angitola” is an artificial lake that has been “created” by building a dam at the Angitola River just a few km before it flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea in 1966. To reach it you just have to follow the signs “Serra San Bruno” from the main road of the Tyrrhenian Sea (SS18) at the highway exit Pizzo Calabro. Follow this street for 1km until you reach the tuna factory Callipo – there is a small agrarian street that turns to the left and that brings you directly to the lake.


With a surface of 1,96 square km the “Lake Angitola” is quite big and in 1975 it became a WWF World Wide Fund Oasi where the alternation of landscapes creates a wealth of unique biodiversity. There are many many species of birds and so it is a really interesting place to visit not only for nature lovers but also for people interested in biology and ornithology!

Beeing a WWF Oasi it is forbidden to swim in the lake but you can do fantastic walks along its shore enjoying the nature!


A really nice idea would be to pack some yummy food and a blanket and to have some picknick there, maybe in between of centuries-old olive trees with a view that could also show a panorama of Tuscany!



The whole time we were there walking around we did not meet anybody besides some sheep and I loved running around exploring the area! There are so many different smells … cows, birds, a fox … and when I was immerged in all these perfumes I heard Daniele talking about wild pigs that he always saw there when he was a young boy – trust me, he did not even finish to talk about these wild pigs when we heard a strange sound … and bammmmm … one of them crossed the path directly in front of us!!! Julia yelled my name but I could not resist, I HAD to follow this huge animal in the coppice! At the end … what can I tell you … the wild pig won the race, but just because it knew the area better than me, otherwise I would have beat it!

After this exciting episode we left the lake behind us climbing up the hills around the lake – from there you do not only have a fantastic panoramic view but there is also a real insider tip to be doscovered! About this, I will tell you the next time!

Now I have to relax from the run with the wild pig and all the new impressions!

Enjoy your day, see you soon!

Tanti saluti,


Julia loves … nicestthings.com

Buongiorno, hello to everybody!

Today I have on more “Julia loves”-post for you and today it is about a very special blog that I love from the first time I visited it:


I found nicestthings.com when I was searching for some interior inspiration in 2012 to give a marine touch to our home. The idea to use an old paddle as decoration was perfect and I loved the Eastcoast-Style Vera used for her living room in this time!


From this first contact with her blog I started following her and every post was a new surprise! I do not know any other blog that is that stylish, that professional and especially: that funny! She has a very particular, very friendly and honest way to write about her ideas and her life and she can absolutely laugh about herself – I think it is this balance between the professional photography, the perfectionism of the posts and  the great humor on the other handside that makes her blog this particular and attractive!

One of her latest posts that really made me laugh out loudly was this one, about a beautiful dress she bought – I still do not understand why she does not write columns for magazines and newspapers!


One of her main topics is interior and not only one time I have been inspired by her style and her fantastic photos.




Not to forget … there is also a delicious food-category on her blog where you can find everything from sweet to spicy with great recipes!




And Vera would not be Vera if there would only be the recipes – on nicestthings.com you also get the perfect ideas where and how to eat the yummy food!



You see, I am really in love with nicestthings.com – jump over to this gorgeous blog and get inspired, I am sure you will love it as much as I do!

Tanti saluti,


#30 days … this was our September

Buongiorno, hello to all of you!

“Wake me up, when September ends…” – yesterday I heard this song from Greenday in the radio and it was like a flash: Yes, right … September already ended! The last real month of summer … we had many things to celebrate and enjoyed some real good quality time together after an August full of work!

We enjoyed the beautiful nature around us …


… we celebrated a fantastic wedding …


… a birthday …


… and one more party …


… we had a lot of time to cuddle …


… we caught some superfresh fish for a delicious BBQ …


… we enjoyed gorgeous sunrises  on the sea …


… as well as beautiful clear sunsets at the beach …

… we collected blackberries during a walk with the dog …


… there was some trouble at work …


… but we could also relax while observing Cleo, our grey triggerfish, in the aquarium …


… I got the confirmation from the coastguard that I can swim and oar …

September-Nuoto-voga… we visited Tiriolo for a typical folk festival …


… and at the end of the month we started to gather some fall inspiration …


What about your September? Are you already in the mood of autum or do you want to turn back the time to enjoy more summer days? What were your highlights of this month?

Tanti saluti,




Julia loves … Project Life by Becky Higgins {03}

Buongiorno and a happy hello to all of you!


Already when I was a child I loved taking photos and I remember the excitement when we went to the shop to finally see them! Then, together with my Mom, we created nice photo books that are still a beautiful memory of all the lovely things we lived to see!

When the age of digital photography started, I got to know Photoshop and I started “playing” with it. But there were still 2 times a year I went to the shop and printed the best photos of the last months – I just love to have them in front of me, to put them in frames in the house or to create scrapbooks as memories and presents for family and friends!


A really nice idea to create fantastic and really good looking photo-memories is “Project Life” from Becky Higgins. The first time I heard of it was when I read this post from Stef from magnoliaelectric. I was really enthusiastic about this concept of photos and comments together with colorful “filler cards”. The only thing that stopped me from ordering the basic kit immediately was the price that is quite high. So I was more than happy to hear that they plan to create an App and … tadaaaaaaaaa … here it is!

project life app

This app is perfect for everybody who loves photos and who loves creating nice collages out of them! You passed a nice day with your family and friends? Just put the best pics together in one Project Life Page and send it to them, they will be on top of the world! You can also order a printed version of your pages and I was even thinking about creating a page of every one of our boat trips to sent to the guests as a memory afterwards … there are so so many possibilities!


The App is really easy to use. When you open it for the first time there is a tutorial, but it is also self-explanatory – just decide which design of the page you would like to use, then choose the photos and the filler cards:


In the basic version there are 4 kits of themed filler cards – my favorite one is the Kraft Edition which is colorful and has many funny comments and designs!



You see … it is very easy and in the same time really stylish! Just download the app and have fun – I am infected and I cannot stop to use it!





Stay creative and have a nice evening – tanti saluti,