Goodbye Summer … *Fall is coming*

Buongiorno, a happy hello to all of you!

I think you see it alreadywhen you look outside … the first leafes are getting colored, the evenings are getting cooler and the days shorter – it is clear: Fall is coming!

Wherever you look – on Pinterest, in shops or magazines – you see the typical colors of this season: orange, brown, beige and red.

Fall colors

I really love walking through the forest during this time and I could pass hours there looking on the trees and their colored leafes … when I was working for a marketing office of the Canadian Province of Québec and I saw the pictures of the Indian Summer in the catalogues I wanted to go there immediately to see this wonder of the nature and it is still one of the first notes on my “where I have to go”-list!


There is only one problem: I do NOT like these colors in my house! I love decorating according to the season but I could never bear too much orange or red at home! But … I love decorating with natural materials such as wood, nuts, chestnut, acorn and so on so I just had to find some decoration that fits to my style and what can I say … once more Pinteres was the solution! I found so so many inspiration there and my “Fall Ideas”-Board became bigger and bigger!

You think that it is not possible to decorate for fall not using too much red and orange?! Then have a look to these gorgeous ideas and get inspired!


The links to the various pages and many more ideas you can find directly here. I am still not sure what to realize and in which way but I am full of ideas of how to use this inspiration for my own fall decoration and of course I will share this with you – but before getting too much ahead let’s enjoy the last summer days – at the moment we are blessed with beautiful clear sunsets nearly every evening – fantastic, isn’t it?!


Did you already think about fall decoration? What are your favorite colors?

Tanti saluti,




One thought on “Goodbye Summer … *Fall is coming*

  1. :)

    Ich weiß, was du meinst! Normalerweise mag ich orange auch nicht im Haus, aber dieses Jahr hat mich ein wenig ieser warme Farbton in seinen Bann gezogen und ich mag`s sehhhhr gern :)

    Aber bei mir ist`s dennoch mehr braun, grau und goldenlastig…. :)

    GLG Nora

    Liked by 1 person

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