#Ironthedog talks about his first adventure on the sea

Whoof whoof…buongiorno a tutti!

My humans love the sea … of course they do because Daniele works on the sea every day! I also like the sea and since I was a little puppy love jumping in the fresh water when we go to the beach in summertime!

Iron mare

One day, when I was only 3 or 4 months old, we went out by car and I was very excited because everytime we go by car there are so many different smells and we always go to nice new places to take a walk – but this time it was a little strange! When we arrived there was no beach, no lake, no forest – there was just kind of a bridge on the water! It was already strange to walk on these wooden planks and after a few meters I understood what was the plan of my humans: They wanted to take me on a tour with the boat!!

At the beginning I was quite skeptic … it was so strange to be on something that bobs up and down on the water …

Iron on the boat-fear-1

… but all of them encouraged me and after some minutes I started to enjoy the fresh breeze that was around!

Iron on the boat-encourage

Iron on the boat-enjoying fresh breeze-amstaff

We went along the coastline and after having explored the whole boat I knew what I had to do: I had to take the command!

Iron on the boat-mutig

Iron on the boat-capitano

Ok … I was not really taking the command, but at least I was kind of a Chief Officer!!! The next time I went on the boat I was the Captain of course and Daniele became my cabin boy – as you can see, everybody wanted to take a photo with me!

Iron on the boat-mymen

We were also joking and being on the bow of the boat I felt a little bit like being on the Titanic … riding the waves was like flying!

Iron on the boat-titanic

At the end of the day I can say that I really enjoyed it and I was so so tired from all the new impressions!

Iron on the boat-end

If you would also like to do a trip on our beautiful sea in Calabria just contact my humans, they would be very happy to welcome you aboard!

See you soon – SHIP AHOY!

Tanti saluti,

Iron the Dog


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