NEON Gift Wrapping & DIY Key Chain

Buongiorno and hello to all of you!

Neon is one of this year’s trends … you just see it everywhere from clothes, to swimwear, interior or kitchen accesoires – everything is shining in bright colors!

Neon colors

Why not using this trend also for gift wrapping? This is exactely what I did and I think this tiny little present bristles with joy and happiness! I really love this gift wrap because it is not squiggly, not “too much” but very straight and still particular!


The few things you need are:

For the gift wrapping – white wrapping paper, neon paper in your favorite color, neon ribbon in you favorite color

For the key chain – quite big wodden beads, masking tape, nail polish, star-shaped punch

I decided wrap the gifts individually and then together in one box. So I started with a small fragrance light wrapping it with shining pink paper. I even used the bracelets, that were a part of the present, as decoration as the tassle also has nice neon colors. The lip balm has been simply wrapped with some fabric and a piece of a neon pipe cleaner.


Then I took a box to and wrapped everything with simple white/cream-colored paper. There is not much to describe – just let yourself inspire by the beautiful colors and create a present that is wrapped with much love, the person who will get will feel this!




The key chain is made of wooden beads that I painted with nail polish – just use masking tape for the shapes and a nice leather cord to bead them – a faster DIY than this?! Nearly impossible!


What do you think about this easy and fast gift wrapping idea? Maybe you want to give a small gift to one of your loved ones and with this shiny wrapping idea he will be happy even before he opens the present! Remember, there are fantastic moments in every single day and making someone happy makes YOU happy as well – find more information about this here.

Enjoy your day – tanti saluti,



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