Enjoy your life – #100HappyDays

Buongiorno and a happy hello to all of you!

Have you ever had one of these days in which the universe seems to be against you? You get up and the first thing that happens is that you hit the bed with your knee – ouch! Then you have breakfast and the bread falls down, you miss the train that should bring you to work, your boss is hysterical the whole day and so on and so forth…

I think everybody of us has these days once in a while and it is also normal to have them, BUT: You do not have to live in a bad mood for the whole day … just search for the little moments of happiness and bring them in the foreground! Your boss is unsupportable?? But did you notice that your arrogant colleague was really nice to you today? You missed the train, but did you notice that you saw an amazing landscape while using the bus that takes another routing? There is ALWAYS something nice, lovely, fantastic in your day, in EVERY day – you just have to see it!


The #100HappyDays Challenge makes you notice all of these little happy moments during your day! The challenge consists of posting one photo a day (on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram), for 100 days, with something that made you happy in this day. This could be the flowers you see on your way, a little gift you got or you gave to someone, something you bake that was delicious, a beautiful place you have been to…there are millions of things! You can join the challenge right here – just subscribe and at the end there is also the possibility to get a photo book of all your happy moments!


I think it is a perfect activity to become more positive in your life, and according to the info on the website persons that finished the challenge really feel much better during their everyday life!


They become more optimistic, they are in a better mood every day, they even start receiving more compliments from other people and of course they realize how lucky they are to have the life they live in! I, for myself can confirm that thinking more about the happy sides of life, also just searching for the photo to post, makes you recognize how good your life is and how many fantastic things we just see as “normal” things instead of enjoying them at 100% as they are special!


I loved it so much that I just started doing it for the second time – don’t you want to join me?! To see my happy moments just check the hashtag #100happydaysbyju52 on Instagram!

Enjoy your day – tanti saluti,



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