Julia loves … my favorite Pinterest-Boards {01}


Pinterest is for me like the wonderland for Alice … it is like another world full of creative, beautiful and inspiring things! I can pass hours and hours on this site – from one board you go to the next, then you see one more stylish DIY, and then another beautiful interior photo, and from there you get to a board with gorgeous photography ideas and so on and so forth…

Today I want to share some of my favorite Pinterest-Boards with you – I simply adore the Dutch girl Joyce! On her boards she collects so many harmonic pictures, she has a great style and surfing through her boards inspires me every time and it also brings me into a really relaxed and creative mood!


She has so many interests – from balet, fashion and kids stuff up to ideas for nail design you will find everything … and even more!




The most gorgeous board, in my opinion, is this one: Boho! I would immediately buy ALL the jewellery and accesoires in there!



If you have some time and you want to get inspired – take a look on her profile and her boards … but be warned: It is possible that you will come back to the “real” world only after some hours!

Get inspired!

Tanti saluti,






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