Goodbye Summer … *Fall is coming*

Buongiorno, a happy hello to all of you!

I think you see it alreadywhen you look outside … the first leafes are getting colored, the evenings are getting cooler and the days shorter – it is clear: Fall is coming!

Wherever you look – on Pinterest, in shops or magazines – you see the typical colors of this season: orange, brown, beige and red.

Fall colors

I really love walking through the forest during this time and I could pass hours there looking on the trees and their colored leafes … when I was working for a marketing office of the Canadian Province of Québec and I saw the pictures of the Indian Summer in the catalogues I wanted to go there immediately to see this wonder of the nature and it is still one of the first notes on my “where I have to go”-list!


There is only one problem: I do NOT like these colors in my house! I love decorating according to the season but I could never bear too much orange or red at home! But … I love decorating with natural materials such as wood, nuts, chestnut, acorn and so on so I just had to find some decoration that fits to my style and what can I say … once more Pinteres was the solution! I found so so many inspiration there and my “Fall Ideas”-Board became bigger and bigger!

You think that it is not possible to decorate for fall not using too much red and orange?! Then have a look to these gorgeous ideas and get inspired!


The links to the various pages and many more ideas you can find directly here. I am still not sure what to realize and in which way but I am full of ideas of how to use this inspiration for my own fall decoration and of course I will share this with you – but before getting too much ahead let’s enjoy the last summer days – at the moment we are blessed with beautiful clear sunsets nearly every evening – fantastic, isn’t it?!


Did you already think about fall decoration? What are your favorite colors?

Tanti saluti,



#Ironthedog talks about his first adventure on the sea

Whoof whoof…buongiorno a tutti!

My humans love the sea … of course they do because Daniele works on the sea every day! I also like the sea and since I was a little puppy love jumping in the fresh water when we go to the beach in summertime!

Iron mare

One day, when I was only 3 or 4 months old, we went out by car and I was very excited because everytime we go by car there are so many different smells and we always go to nice new places to take a walk – but this time it was a little strange! When we arrived there was no beach, no lake, no forest – there was just kind of a bridge on the water! It was already strange to walk on these wooden planks and after a few meters I understood what was the plan of my humans: They wanted to take me on a tour with the boat!!

At the beginning I was quite skeptic … it was so strange to be on something that bobs up and down on the water …

Iron on the boat-fear-1

… but all of them encouraged me and after some minutes I started to enjoy the fresh breeze that was around!

Iron on the boat-encourage

Iron on the boat-enjoying fresh breeze-amstaff

We went along the coastline and after having explored the whole boat I knew what I had to do: I had to take the command!

Iron on the boat-mutig

Iron on the boat-capitano

Ok … I was not really taking the command, but at least I was kind of a Chief Officer!!! The next time I went on the boat I was the Captain of course and Daniele became my cabin boy – as you can see, everybody wanted to take a photo with me!

Iron on the boat-mymen

We were also joking and being on the bow of the boat I felt a little bit like being on the Titanic … riding the waves was like flying!

Iron on the boat-titanic

At the end of the day I can say that I really enjoyed it and I was so so tired from all the new impressions!

Iron on the boat-end

If you would also like to do a trip on our beautiful sea in Calabria just contact my humans, they would be very happy to welcome you aboard!

See you soon – SHIP AHOY!

Tanti saluti,

Iron the Dog

Calabria Sport Fishing – Come to see our world!

Buongiorno, hello everybody!

Some time ago we had the chance to show the beauties of our region to a Dutch film team that was producing a documentary in Calabria. We were very happy to welcome them aboard and to take them for a tour and it was also much fun!




At the end they sent us some of the shots and we prepared a little video about Calabria Sport Fishing – as we started the tour in the late afternoon we got some great sunset shots – enjoy!

If you would also like to experience a fantastic romantic tour with us watching the sunset – just come over and I promise that you will gather a great experience you’ll never forget!

Tanti saluti,


Julia loves … flowers on her way! {02}


you know, there is one thing I really do NOT have: The “green thumb” or “grüner Daume” as we call it in Germany or “pollice verde” in Italy. I would like to have many plants and flowers in my home but it is simply impossible! I am one of the persons that even kill a cactus! So I think my thumb is not green, but deep black…

And when I saw these flower pots on, I knew: I MUST HAVE THEM! Once I am in love with something I just cannot wait, I have to have it immediately and so I took a look around and saw my IKEA flower pots…simply white ones…and perfect for a little DIY:

I just took one of these sharpie markers for porcelain and did them myself – and here we go:


Ok, I do not know how long these two guys will survive … but at the moment they seem to be fine! ;)

Nevertheless I really love flowers and I cannot take enough pictures of the beautiful plants and flowers we have here in Calabria! I remember some of them when I saw them in the shops in Germany and they were really expensive – and here in Southern Italy they are just like weed on the streets, incredible!

Walking around with Iron of course I see a lot of them and I always have to stop and take some pics … here we go … enjoy #floowersonmyway!

2014-03-16 11.48.39-1

2014-03-21 08.54.18

2014-03-29 11.50.59-1 2014-04-04 10.33.09

2014-04-06 11.30.13

2014-04-20 11.13.34

2014-04-21 11.21.14-1




They are beautiful, aren’t they?

Tanti saluti,


NEON Gift Wrapping & DIY Key Chain

Buongiorno and hello to all of you!

Neon is one of this year’s trends … you just see it everywhere from clothes, to swimwear, interior or kitchen accesoires – everything is shining in bright colors!

Neon colors

Why not using this trend also for gift wrapping? This is exactely what I did and I think this tiny little present bristles with joy and happiness! I really love this gift wrap because it is not squiggly, not “too much” but very straight and still particular!


The few things you need are:

For the gift wrapping – white wrapping paper, neon paper in your favorite color, neon ribbon in you favorite color

For the key chain – quite big wodden beads, masking tape, nail polish, star-shaped punch

I decided wrap the gifts individually and then together in one box. So I started with a small fragrance light wrapping it with shining pink paper. I even used the bracelets, that were a part of the present, as decoration as the tassle also has nice neon colors. The lip balm has been simply wrapped with some fabric and a piece of a neon pipe cleaner.


Then I took a box to and wrapped everything with simple white/cream-colored paper. There is not much to describe – just let yourself inspire by the beautiful colors and create a present that is wrapped with much love, the person who will get will feel this!




The key chain is made of wooden beads that I painted with nail polish – just use masking tape for the shapes and a nice leather cord to bead them – a faster DIY than this?! Nearly impossible!


What do you think about this easy and fast gift wrapping idea? Maybe you want to give a small gift to one of your loved ones and with this shiny wrapping idea he will be happy even before he opens the present! Remember, there are fantastic moments in every single day and making someone happy makes YOU happy as well – find more information about this here.

Enjoy your day – tanti saluti,


Capo Vaticano – a place where you want to stay FOREVER!

Hello everybody,

are you ready to explore one of Calabrias hightlights? Come along on a tour to “Capo Vaticano“, one of the most famous and most stunning places of the whole region and for me one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria

Capo Vaticano is the tip of the peninsula that divides the Tyrrhenian Sea into the Gulf of Sant’Eufemia in the North and the Gulf of Gioia Tauro in the South.

Calabria-Map-Capo Vaticano-GoogleEarth

It is a place where the rocks really seem to fall into the sea and with its altitude of 120m the lookout point offers a great panoramic view over the Calabrian coast!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Costa-1

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Seaside-1

To get there you follow a small street that winds through endless fields where the famous “cipolla rossa di Tropea” grows, the red onion of Tropea which is an important part of the Calabrian cuisine. When you reach the lighthouse, the street ends and you just follow a path down to the lookout point.

Once arrived there, go to the very end of the terrace, close to the railing … and  let your eyes wander along the horizon … if the weather is fine and the view is clear you can see all the Eolian Islands, the whole Calabrian Coast, the Strait of Messina and even the vulcano “Etna” on the island of Sicily!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Eolian Islands-Sicily-1

When you admired the panorama, you absolutely have to take one more step ahead … and then have a look towards your feet … and from 120m a.s.l. you will discover the lonesome bays with white sandy beaches, a lush vegetation with palms, cactuses, Indian figs and flowers of all types and colors, the crystal see shimmering blue and turquoise – believe me: This is a place you never want to leave!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Beach-1

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Flowers-2

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Flowers-1
From the first lookout point, a small path goes along the cliff up to the lighthouse and every meter you go, you will see another small bay, another fantastic beach and you will take another perfect photo!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Panorama-Path

Did you note play of colors of the sea? It is shimmering in all the different shades of blue and turquoise that exist!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Blue Sea-2

There is an old legend saying that once there was a beautiful woman living in a small village near Capo Vaticano, she was called “Donna Canfora”. She always wore awfully colored robes and her characteristic was a scarf made of silk that had all the shades of blue you can immagine! One day her village has been attacked by the Saracens and as she was the prettiest woman they had ever seen they planned to take her with them. On the day they wanted to leave they brought her on their ship and she had to say goodbye to her family and friends. The ship started to move and instead of accepting her fate she jumped into the water. She disappeared at once … only her scarf was floating on the surface and from this moment the water took the colors from this beautiful scarf! Some old people say that the sound of the waves when they crash into the rocks is the moaning of Donna Canfora who is still crying because she cannot see her beautiful home aymore!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Blue Sea-1

Along the cliffs of Capo Vaticano there are many beaches and some of them can only be reached by boat! Of course it is fantastic to see this region not only from the the lookout point above, but also from the sea! By the way, it is also a paradise for snorkelling and diving!

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Seaside-2

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Seaside-3

One of the few beaches you can reach by car is called “Grotticelle” – just follow the signs of the hotel that has the same name and if you go ahead you will reach a large bay with lidos, bars and restaurants. From there you can walk along the beach, climbing over some rocks to reach more solitary beaches or just go by paddleboat or water taxi.

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Beach-2

The best way to enjoy everything that this stunning place has to offer is to go there in  the morning and to visit first of all the lookout point when it is not that hot yet and the view is clear. Then you spend a fantastic day on the beach in one of the bays between sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling and in the evening you treat yourself with a delicious Italian dinner and a view on the sunset like this:

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Sunset-EolianIslands-3

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Sunset-EolianIslands-2

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Sunset-EolianIslands-4

Capo Vaticano-Calabria-Sunset-EolianIslands-1

If you visit Calabria, Capo Vaticano is absolutely a MUST on your itinerary! Preparing this post I was having a look on all my photos of Capo Vaticano – there are already 597 (!!!) of them and everytime I go there I take more and more because it is that fascinating! At this point I would like to thank my friend Markus Barthel who also fell in love with Capo Vaticano and took some of the beautiful photos you can see in this post.

What do you think about Calabrias postcard scene number one? Would you like to visit it yourself?


Tanti saluti,


Enjoy your life – #100HappyDays

Buongiorno and a happy hello to all of you!

Have you ever had one of these days in which the universe seems to be against you? You get up and the first thing that happens is that you hit the bed with your knee – ouch! Then you have breakfast and the bread falls down, you miss the train that should bring you to work, your boss is hysterical the whole day and so on and so forth…

I think everybody of us has these days once in a while and it is also normal to have them, BUT: You do not have to live in a bad mood for the whole day … just search for the little moments of happiness and bring them in the foreground! Your boss is unsupportable?? But did you notice that your arrogant colleague was really nice to you today? You missed the train, but did you notice that you saw an amazing landscape while using the bus that takes another routing? There is ALWAYS something nice, lovely, fantastic in your day, in EVERY day – you just have to see it!


The #100HappyDays Challenge makes you notice all of these little happy moments during your day! The challenge consists of posting one photo a day (on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram), for 100 days, with something that made you happy in this day. This could be the flowers you see on your way, a little gift you got or you gave to someone, something you bake that was delicious, a beautiful place you have been to…there are millions of things! You can join the challenge right here – just subscribe and at the end there is also the possibility to get a photo book of all your happy moments!


I think it is a perfect activity to become more positive in your life, and according to the info on the website persons that finished the challenge really feel much better during their everyday life!


They become more optimistic, they are in a better mood every day, they even start receiving more compliments from other people and of course they realize how lucky they are to have the life they live in! I, for myself can confirm that thinking more about the happy sides of life, also just searching for the photo to post, makes you recognize how good your life is and how many fantastic things we just see as “normal” things instead of enjoying them at 100% as they are special!


I loved it so much that I just started doing it for the second time – don’t you want to join me?! To see my happy moments just check the hashtag #100happydaysbyju52 on Instagram!

Enjoy your day – tanti saluti,


Julia loves … my favorite Pinterest-Boards {01}


Pinterest is for me like the wonderland for Alice … it is like another world full of creative, beautiful and inspiring things! I can pass hours and hours on this site – from one board you go to the next, then you see one more stylish DIY, and then another beautiful interior photo, and from there you get to a board with gorgeous photography ideas and so on and so forth…

Today I want to share some of my favorite Pinterest-Boards with you – I simply adore the Dutch girl Joyce! On her boards she collects so many harmonic pictures, she has a great style and surfing through her boards inspires me every time and it also brings me into a really relaxed and creative mood!


She has so many interests – from balet, fashion and kids stuff up to ideas for nail design you will find everything … and even more!




The most gorgeous board, in my opinion, is this one: Boho! I would immediately buy ALL the jewellery and accesoires in there!



If you have some time and you want to get inspired – take a look on her profile and her boards … but be warned: It is possible that you will come back to the “real” world only after some hours!

Get inspired!

Tanti saluti,





Calabria Sport Fishing – Relax, fun and sightseeing!

Buongiorno, hello to all of you!

Immagine that you are staying near the sea … it is summertime … it is really hot … so what do you think about boat trip with a refreshing marine breeze along a beautiful lush cliff line having a great time while enjoying a fantastic panorama, a visit of the unique cave-chapel “Chiesetta di Piedigrotta” and stopps for swimming and snorkelling in the cristalline water?

If you agree that this is a perfect summer activity – then do not waste time and come along with Calabria Sport Fishing on one of our Panoramic Tours!
Stell dir vor du bist am Meer … es ist Sommer … es ist richtig heiß … was hälst du von einer kleinen Bootstour mit einer frischen Meeresbrise entlang einer wunderschönen üppig bewachsenen Küste? Einfach eine tolle Zeit verbringen, das fantastische Panorama genießen, die Grottenkirche “Piedigrotta” besuchen und Stopps zum Schnorcheln und Schwimmen im kristallklaren Wasser machen?

Wenn du auch der Meinung bist, das das eine perfekte Idee für den Sommer ist, dann komm mit uns auf eine unserer Panoramatouren mit Calaria Sport Fishing!


As usually we start the tour from the harbor of Vibo Marina – at the landing place “Stella del Sud” you can find every comfort before starting the adventure on the sea. Leaving the harbor we follow the lush green coast line until we reach Pizzo – one of the typical Calabrian fishing villages.

Situated on a rock high above the sea the view from the boat is spectacular – the houses finish at the end of the rock and then there is simply … nothing … besides the turquoise sea after 44 meters!
Wie immer startet unsere Tour im Hafen von Vibo Marina, am Anlegeplatz “Stella del Sud”, der allen Komfort bietet, bevor das Abenteuer auf See beginnt! Nachdem wir den Hafen verlassen haben folgen wir der grünen Küste bis wir die Stadt Pizzo erreichen – ein typisch kalabresisches Firscherdöfchen.

Pizzo liegt auf einem hohen Felsen direkt über dem Meer und der Blick von der Seeseite aus ist einfach atemberaubend – die Häuser enden mit dem Felsen und dann ist da einfach …. nichts … bis auf der türkis schimmernde Meer in 44 Metern Tiefe!



Only a few miles after Pizzo we reach the a nice beach that hides one of the most famous sights of the whole region! From the streets you cannot even see it, only a small sign shows the way to this small church … but from the sea you only have to go few steps over the sand and you can visit the cave-chapel “Piedigrotta”!
Nur wenige Seemeilen nach Pizzo erreichen wir eine schönen kleinen Strand, der eine der bekanntesten Sehenswürdigkeiten der Region beheimatet! Von der Straße aus kann man sie nicht einmal sehen, nur ein kleines Schild weist den weg über viele Stufen in Richtung Meer … aber von der Seeseite aus muss man nur wenige Schritte über den Sand laufen und schon kann man die Grottenkirche “Piedigrotta” besichtigen!


From the outside it doesn’t even look that spectacular, but if you go inside you will be enchanted – actually it is a grot that has been formed in a natural way by the sea and based on an old legend it became a sacred place and with our boat we land directly on the beach in front of the church!
Von außen sieht sie recht unspektakulär aus, aber wenn ihr hinein geht wird sie euch verzaubern – es ist eine natürliche Grotte die vom Meer in den Tuffstein hineingespült wurde und aufgrund einer alten Legende wurde diese Grotte zu einem heiligen Ort. Mit unserem Boot können wir direkt am Strand vor der Kirche anlegen!



The legend is about a ship that encountered a violent storm off the coast of Pizzo in the 17th century. The captain noticed that there will be no way to save the ship and so he gathered his crew and they started to pray in front of a portrait of the “Madonna di Piedigrotta” and they promised that they would build a church in her honor if they survived. The ship has been totally destroyed by the storm but the whole crew reached the shore alive – a wonder! Of course the sailors kept their promise and built an altar – in the cave where they found the portrait of the Madonna a few days after the storm and this cave became the so called “Chiesetta di Piedigrotta”!

Inside the cave-chapel there are numerous statues hewn out of the tufa directly in the cave which have been made by a local artist in the 19th century – until today there is no electricity, there are only a few windows and holes in the rock that let the sunshine in and so you will find a mystic spectacle of light and shaddow in the cave! Depending on the time of day and the season it seems to be different, sometimes the statues even seem to move!



It is also possible to follow some steps to get on the “roof” of the cave where you have a nice view on the beach and on the coast.



After the visit of the cave-church our guests have the possibility to swim and snorkel in the fantastic sea directly in front of the church.



Afterwards we start heading back to Vibo Marina enjoying once more the beauties of the cliff line and another stop for swimming and snorkelling.





With us, even the smallest guest can become a real skipper!


And after 3-4 hours the adventure is over – and as well our guests as we ourselves gathered unique emotions and memories that will rest forever!

A tour with Calabria Sport Fishing is an individual experience for couples and friends, for young and old, for the whole family!


Maybe we will meet someday on our boat? We would be really happy to welcome you aboard!

Tanti saluti,


#31 days … this was our August

Hello, buongiorno!

August passed by … 31 days passed in a second and to be onest I do not know what to think about that! The days are getting shorter, the nights are colder, fall and winter are near … on the other side I am really happy that this month full of work passed by and we have more time for each other, evrything is more relaxed, the streets are getting empty, the beaches too … and anyway, it was a month full of sunshine and happy moments!
Der August ist vorbei … 31 Tage sind wie im Flug vergangen und um ehrlich zu sein weiß ichnicht so recht was ich davon halten soll! Die Tage werden schon kürzer, dieAbende kühler, Herbst und Winter kommen näher und näher … auf der einen Seite ich glücklich, dass dieser arbeitsreiche und stressige Monat varüber ist und wir wieder mehr Zeit füreinander haben, alles ruhiger und entspannter ist, die Straßen leerer werden und die Strände auch nicht mehr überlaufen sind … wie auch immer: es war ein Monat voll von Sonnenschein und glücklichen Momenten!

We enjoyed beautiful sunsets at the beach … // Wir haben wunderschöne Sonnenuntergänge am Strand genossen …


… had a great time there also during the day … /// … haben hier auch tagsüber eine tolle Zeit verbracht …


… we compared typical Calabrian “peperoncino” and the famous “habanero” … // … wir haben typisch kalabresischen Chili und den berühmten “habanero” verglichen …


… we followed the procession in the harbour if Vibo Marina to honor the “Madonna del Rosario di Pompei” with amazing fireworks… // … wir sind der Prozession der Heiligen Maria von Pompei im Hafen von Vibo Marina gefolgt und haben ein atemberaubendes Feuerwerk gesehen …


… I was been creative while stamping tote bags … // … ich war kreativ und habe Stoffbeutel bedruckt

… we admired gorgeous flowers  … // … wir haben prachtvolle Blumen bewundert …


… during our morningwalks with Iron … // … während unserer Spaziergänge mit Iron …

… we partied with the whole family … // … wir haben mit der ganzen Familie gefeiert …


… tasted delicious seafood and my beloved salad with chicken … // … leckere Meeresfrüchte und meinen Lieblingssalat mit Huhn gegessen …


… we spent unforgettable hours on our boat with tourists from all over the world … // … w ir haben unvergessliche Stunden auf dem Boot verbracht mit Touristen aus aller Welt …

… we’ve been enthralled by amazing panoramic views as well at the sea as in the mountains … // … wir haben uns von fantastischen Panoramablicken am Meer und in den Bergen verzaubern lassen …


… and we spent 2 wonderfull weeks with friends visiting us! // … und wir haben 2 wundervolle Wochen mit Freunden verbracht, die uns besucht haben!

How was your August? What were your happy moments of this summer?
Wie war euer August? Was waren eure glücklichen Sommer-Momente?

Tanti saluti,